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The measurements should be accurate, but I can double-check them if you'd like, but it fits like my other Italian 38r jackets (except it's a bit shorter).
And I've bought Filson bags several times.
I have functional buttonholes on some, but not all of my sport coats or suits, but I had them done on both of my dinner jackets. First, I expect to have the dinner jackets for a long time, which may not be the case with the other jackets, so I thought it was worth the investment. Second, it makes a more formal garment a bit more special. And third, they were pretty expensive to start with (Isaia and Oxxford), so I felt justified in spending a bit more than I would on,...
Not a single one of the two dozen or so items in my Dream Box was marked down. Bummer.
Perhaps this one is shiny and self-important enough for you! It's a Waterman Edson. I have the FP and ballpoint, but I think it was made in a roller, too. It's the "loudest" pen I have, but I've always thought it was striking, and it writes beautifully.I have a couple of Viscontis. They're great looking pens, with unique designs (I'll try to remember to post some pictures), but their nibs don't hold a candle to the Duponts.
3/3 -- Price cut.
2/25 -- final cuts.
Agreed. Now that I've had a chance to look around, I've yet to see anything that's excluded from the sale.
Gentlemen: Start your engines! 30% off lots of items in my Dream Box. No code required.
Thanks. I'll check them out.
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