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4/2 -- Final Cuts.
Brooks sells lots of must-iron shirts that are not oxford cloth. See the results of this search, most of which are must-iron.http://www.brooksbrothers.com/mens/dress-shirts/0203,default,sc.html?pmin=1&prefn1=collar&prefv1=Spread%20Collar%7cNovelty%20Collar%7cForward%20Point%20Collar&prefn2=fabric&prefv2=Cotton%7cEgyptian%20Cotton%7cSea%20Island%20Cotton%7cSupima%c2%ae%20Cotton
Now that you put it that way, cheap isn't cheap enough. I was thinking that, if it didn't fit, I'd put it on B&S. I didn't think about the fact that it could be ripped or stained. I'm (reluctantly) going to pass.
I was looking at a sport coat and noticed, for the first time, the following warning: "SALE OF THIS MERCHANDISE IS FINAL. YOOX offers no refunds, credits or exchanges for this item." Is this something new? Given how meager or useless the descriptions are of Yoox merchandise ("no appliqués" - really?), I'm very reluctant to buy anything, no matter how good the deal is, without the ability to return it.
http://www.lsmensclothing.comIzzy is the proprietor. Much written about him on SF.
+1. Nothing in my size, but if you're a size 10.5 - 12, his listings are well worth checking out.
I was tempted by the great prices on the sport coats today, but just couldn't warm up to any to them. I did order a couple of pair of NC pants. I'm curious to see what was so special about them that Brooks thought they could charge $400 - $500 per pair…
Speaking of Hamiltons, here my Jazzmaster Viewmatic in action.
Here's a search from Brooks' web site that shows quite a few must-iron shirts that aren't buttondowns. Most are not white.http://www.brooksbrothers.com/mens/dress-shirts/0203,default,sc.html?pmin=1&prefn1=fabric&prefv1=Cotton%7cEgyptian%20Cotton%7cSea%20Island%20Cotton&prefn2=collar&prefv2=Spread%20Collar%7cNovelty%20Collar%7cForward%20Point%20Collar
This is a great deal for a great suit.
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