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4/10 -- price cut to $425.
I must admit that I've also succumbed to this, too. A man can only be so patient . . . .
I just checked the "order history" section on the web site. The $200 discount is reflected in the per item pricing.By the way, I bought several items from the Natural Craftsmanship collection from a couple of years ago. They were already marked down 50%. With the $200 kicker, they ended up being about 70% off.
Stunning deal on a NWT RLPL (Chester Barrie) cotton velvet dinner jacket. Shawl collar. Size 40, but pretty generous. Might work for a 42. BIN of $292.50. Too big for me, or I'd own it. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ralph-Lauren-Purple-Label-Chester-Barrie-Black-Velvet-Dinner-Jacket-Sz-40-R-/191554756523? Also a great deal on a new Pineider day planner. Pineider stuff is very well made, and typically quite expensive. BIN of...
I had a similar experience, but with a different result. Put about $500+ of sale items in my cart. Entered the code, resulting in a $200 deduction. Then put in my credit card and the deduction disappeared. I then called customer service. The very helpful CS rep told me that there was some confusion about whether the promotion applied only to full-priced items, but deducted the $200 from my total. Transaction completed, with some great deals. Let's hope the total...
Another new promotion. 25% off a select group of "designer" merchandise, plus an extra 10% with your superstar code. Only a few items in my Dream Box qualified, but for some of those items, there were some good deals.
^^ Beautiful case. Enjoy it in good health. Some years ago, Brooks used to sell a hard-sided, cordovan briefcase which I coveted, but never bought. You can see pictures of it in this SF B&S post: http://www.styleforum.net/t/306122/huge-price-drop-new-brooks-brothers-genuine-shell-cordovan-briefcase-attache/0_50
Cut on final cashmere coat.
The measurements should be accurate, but I can double-check them if you'd like, but it fits like my other Italian 38r jackets (except it's a bit shorter).
And I've bought Filson bags several times.
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