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And a plain, white, French cuff shirt. (sigh). Maybe he dressed in a hurry?
Lovely pair. I particularly like the grain on the strap on the larger one. Where did it come from?
Thanks. That's very helpful. Given that, there's too much other good stuff to bother with this line.While we're on the subject of obscure (at least to me) Yoox brands, what do you know about Reporter?
Yoox has a bunch of stuff from Paul Taylor. Does anyone know anything about the quality? http://www.yoox.com/us/men/shoponline/paul%20taylor_d?d=25510&dept=men&gender=U
Uber20 expired, but Foryou10 is good for 10% off.
Quoddy Perry Boots at East Dane for $135. Full range of sizes. FINAL SALE. http://www.eastdane.com/perry-boot-quoddy/vp/v=1/1593236339.htm?colorId=12832
If I recall correctly, both the Brooks and RLPL have small, but functional pockets.
These two from Brooks aren't exactly inexpensive, but with the 25% discount available for the next few days, they're about $130. I have the first one, and it's quite nice. The second, from the Gatsby collection, has a pattern, and is only available in Large...
I'm wearing mine today. Although I'm very partial to the small seconds dial, the even greater simplicity of yours is very appealing.
I have several bow ties in different shapes, but they're all satin, and I wanted one in grosgrain to match the lapels on my tuxes. I purchased one from Sam Hober and couldn't be happier. http://www.samhober.com/italian-faille-silk-bow-ties/ Like everything else they offer, you specify exactly what you want -- shape, width, length, etc. It's great having a tie that is the perfect length for me without the slide/hook adjusters.
New Posts  All Forums: