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Thanks. It's there now, and the items that work with the code are marked "lovedreambox".
Thanks very much. The code worked on some, but not all, of the items in my Dream Box.By the way, where did you find this code?
I saw that, too, but so far, nothing. Credit card standing by…
It's nice to see Brooks offering a Chestfield again, but I'm not sure about the brown collar. Wouldn't black velvet be customary?
Terrific ensemble. Smashing couple!
10/6 -- price cuts on all remaining sport coats.
Just the opposite for me, but mine are OTR. My Isaia (SB) is peak-lapel and ventless; my Oxxford (DB) is double-vented.
Some markdowns in my Dreambox items last night, plus some qualify for an additional 25% off. Total discount was about 45%. The code is YOOXmw25, which was applied automatically. Code expires tonight at midnight.
I received an email thanking me for my recent order, and offering 20% off my next order of full-priced merchandise. The message said you need to be logged in, so I'm not sure if it will work for everyone. Code: THANKYOU20.
Sporting my Hamilton today. I also have an AP, Patek and Cartier, and I'm just as happy to wear my Jazzmaster. I love the design and the details.
New Posts  All Forums: