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Speaking of Yoox's descriptions, have you noticed that they are now including length measurements for some of the jackets? Has anyone received a jacket that included this? If so, was it accurate? Previously, the only measurements I've noticed are the width of pant leg, which, oddly enough, is provided down to the hundredths of an inch!
4/10 -- price cut on cashmere overcoat.
4/10 -- price cut to $425.
I must admit that I've also succumbed to this, too. A man can only be so patient . . . .
I just checked the "order history" section on the web site. The $200 discount is reflected in the per item pricing.By the way, I bought several items from the Natural Craftsmanship collection from a couple of years ago. They were already marked down 50%. With the $200 kicker, they ended up being about 70% off.
Stunning deal on a NWT RLPL (Chester Barrie) cotton velvet dinner jacket. Shawl collar. Size 40, but pretty generous. Might work for a 42. BIN of $292.50. Too big for me, or I'd own it. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ralph-Lauren-Purple-Label-Chester-Barrie-Black-Velvet-Dinner-Jacket-Sz-40-R-/191554756523? Also a great deal on a new Pineider day planner. Pineider stuff is very well made, and typically quite expensive. BIN of...
I had a similar experience, but with a different result. Put about $500+ of sale items in my cart. Entered the code, resulting in a $200 deduction. Then put in my credit card and the deduction disappeared. I then called customer service. The very helpful CS rep told me that there was some confusion about whether the promotion applied only to full-priced items, but deducted the $200 from my total. Transaction completed, with some great deals. Let's hope the total...
Another new promotion. 25% off a select group of "designer" merchandise, plus an extra 10% with your superstar code. Only a few items in my Dream Box qualified, but for some of those items, there were some good deals.
^^ Beautiful case. Enjoy it in good health. Some years ago, Brooks used to sell a hard-sided, cordovan briefcase which I coveted, but never bought. You can see pictures of it in this SF B&S post: http://www.styleforum.net/t/306122/huge-price-drop-new-brooks-brothers-genuine-shell-cordovan-briefcase-attache/0_50
Cut on final cashmere coat.
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