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That's definitely cheaper than Sid's tailors, at least for shortening the sleeve, for which they charge $45.
7/7 -- cuts on all pairs.
It depends on how far the first working button hole is from the end of the sleeve. Ideally, the first button hole should be about 1.5 - 1.75" from the end of the sleeve. If, after shortening, it will still be at least an inch from the end, it's probably OK.
Sorry if I wasn't clear. I don't know the proper nomenclature. The piece I'm talking about is the last link in the bracelet that fits in between the lugs.Anyway, when I bought it, I had only ever seen a few of them, and I thought it was the most beautiful watch in the world. (Hey, I was 25.) I then moved to Atlanta, where I saw one on every third wrist. Eventually, I got so tired of seeing them everywhere that I stopped wearing it. Then, while on a trip to St. Barths...
I recall paying about $1600 for the two-tone DJ. I don't remember how much less that was than the US price, but it was enough to get me to buy it in Paris.As I said, I don't know whether what the dealer told me was BS, but that's what he said. You may choose to believe it or not, as you wish.For what it's worth, a quick search came up with this discussion on the NAWCC board about Rolex's selling 14k and 18k in different countries at the same time: ...
I bought a gold and stainless Datejust in Paris in 1983. All of the middle links were gold, except the two that joined the band to the watch, which were stainless. When I asked the AD why that was, he told me that, while DJs sold in other countries were made of 14kt, the ones sold in France were required (by law!) to be 18kt. So that the French Rolex dealers would not be at a price disadvantage to their competitors in other countries, they saved money by using two...
Brooks did change its labels. Slim fits now have a navy label. Not sure why they did this.It's explained here: http://www.mccshh.com/pdf/Brooks_Brothers_Color_Fits.pdf
I bought the 38. It's a great suit.
Thanks for the heads up. Just picked up a pair of Quoddys for $135.
I'm old enough to remember when Brooks had two, two-week sales each year, when we eagerly awaited the huge, 25% discount on some staples and selected seasonal items. The stores were (relatively speaking) madhouses, but you put up with it because you knew there wasn't going to be another sale for six months. Now, if you miss the sale, you can just wait a week or two, and they'll be another. As a result, I was just looking through the sale items and decided there's nothing...
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