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1/31 Price Cut. Now $65 for this rare find.
1/27 cuts. Some great bargains if you have narrow feet.
Good to hear. It's a great size when it comes to eBay auctions for vintage shoes, as there's typically not much competition. But it's a pain when you're trying to sell your shoes (as I am on B&S), as the SF market is very, very thin. It's also a challenge to find (new) OTR English shoes in narrow widths.
It definitely does not. I've had my SA in Atlanta locate BF items in other stores that were sold out on line.
I do. Sometimes a blessing. Sometimes a curse.$200 is a great price for those shoes, but I already have a pair.
I was in the Black Fleece store on Bleeker St. today. They had several pairs. I'd give them a call to see if they have your size.
Brooks is running another 70% off clearance sale, starting today and running through the weekend.
1/15. More cuts.
A rare find! Two One Brooks Brothers oxford cloth, button-down collar shirts. Vintage, new old stock. Still pinned and in the wrappers, with tags. Unlined collar and cuffs. The pink one is size 15-33; the blue one is 15-32. $70 --> $65 --> $60 --> $55 each, including first class shipping in the CONUS. PayPal only, please. BLUE SHIRT SOLD.
Proper low-cut black silk formal vest. Three buttons. Backless. Size medium. Made in the US. Excellent condition. Price includes first class postage in the CONUS. $50
New Posts  All Forums: