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Just received an e-mail from Shop Runner announcing the F&F sale a day early (on line). Code: BEFIRST. 25% discount, including off of sale and clearance items, plus free two-day shipping.
I just used this code. Saved quite a bit. Thanks!
BB15 works again for a 15% discount, including on the Natural Craftsman items that are already 70% off.
Sorry. You're right. I noticed the sale last night and placed my order then, but didn't check the site again before posting this morning.
Another weekend sale. 60-70% off Black Fleece and selected Natural Craftsman sale items. And both the current 15% off promotion and Shop Runner apply.
If you're referring to the typical corporate discount, that's true, but only for non-sale items. I believe today's 15% includes sale/clearance items as well.
Received three pairs of pants. No issues.
+1 I get one almost every day. Sometimes it's a promotion, like the luxury shirts for $59 that I posted recently; other times, it's just highlighting a particular product.
Most BB shoes are still discounted 30%, including non-cordovan Aldens. It's tough to find that much of a discount on first-quality Aldens. These two, in suede, are good choices at $350: Tassel: http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Brown-Suede-Tassel/035H,default,pd.html?dwvar_035H_Color=BRWN&contentpos=35&cgid= Cap-toe: http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Captoe-Suede-Bluchers/290H,default,pd.html?dwvar_290H_Color=DKBR&contentpos=10&cgid=0522
I recently ordered one from David and asked him the same question. Here's his answer: "The difference between the two faille silks is so small that you would need swatches to see it." As a result, I asked David to choose whichever he preferred. I'm not sure which one he selected, but it looks terrific.
New Posts  All Forums: