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Two great old Florentine leather pieces for your antique desk, made by Pineider. Reasonable opening bids.
I didn't remember that, but if that holds true for this year, then the 30% off corporate event would be your best bet (assuming Filson isn't excluded).
+1. I'm wearing a BF linen Tattersall shirt today.I have a dozen or more of the shirts, and at least as many pairs of BF pants. If you can tune out the wacky stuff and focus on the classic materials, the pants are just perfect -- high-rise, but slim. A very difficult combination to find. Plus, if you're patient, the end of season sales are great.
If you can wait, the best time to buy Filson bags has been in December, when Brooks has had its 40% off week. Each day, for four or five days, a different category of products has been discounted 40%.* One of the days includes accessories, bags, wallets, etc. Of course, I don't know if they'll do it again this year, but they have for the past several years.*If I recall correctly, full-priced shoes were discounted only 25%.
Maybe this will help (a little). 25% off some shoes and 10% off everything else, plus free shipping. Code: 2TEMPTATIONS.
A few weeks ago, some of you posted your weekend beaters. Some wear Pateks and Rolexes, and I commend you for your bravery, but I just can't wear my everyday watches when there's a risk they'll take a beating. For what it's worth, during the work week, I wear either a Patek 3919 or a circa 1960 Audemars ultra thin, and on the weekend, a Hamilton Jazzmaster power reserve and a Tank Francaise. But when the going gets rough, out comes my trusty Casio MDV-106. The band it...
9/15 - one and only price cut. Now $105. NWT black Charvet knit tie. These retail for $195 and never go on sale. Charvet's knit ties are legendary and for good reason. They are just perfect. If you're going to have just one knit tie, this is the one you want. You can buy the exact same tie here: Bergdorf...
8/3 price cut -- now $180.
Sunday15, presumably for one day only. Worked for an item in my Dream Box that was excluded from last week's promotion.
^^^ Those Carmina suede loafers are just beautiful. Alas, my feet are too short and narrow . . . .
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