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Here's a search from Brooks' web site that shows quite a few must-iron shirts that aren't buttondowns. Most are not white.http://www.brooksbrothers.com/mens/dress-shirts/0203,default,sc.html?pmin=1&prefn1=fabric&prefv1=Cotton%7cEgyptian%20Cotton%7cSea%20Island%20Cotton&prefn2=collar&prefv2=Spread%20Collar%7cNovelty%20Collar%7cForward%20Point%20Collar
This is a great deal for a great suit.
Perhaps it's because the images are somewhat stylized, but it's interesting to see how narrow the trousers are.
I couldn't agree more. Of course, I might have dropped a hint or two . . . .
As requesed, a wrist shot. This is the older, smaller version of this watch (3919). It was a wedding present from my wife.
Here's a shot from the side that shows just how impossibly thin it is:
Thank you, gentlemen, for the kind words.I have a small wrist (about 6"), so all but the Hamilton are quite small, by today's standards. While that's a negative when looking at most new watches, it's a boon if you're in the vintage market. My most recent purchase was the Audemars, which I bought last year. I believe it's called Ref. 2003, and was reportedly the thinnest watch made at the time.Here are few shots from the eBay listing, as the seller was a better...
Gentlemen: I started reading this thread a few weeks ago and have thoroughly enjoyed it. So, the least I can do is post a picture of my collection. Nothing too exotic, but I enjoy them all. Sorry for the lousy iPhone photo.
2/17 price cuts.
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