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NOS brown alligator belt. Size 32. Looks to be very high quality. Opening bid of $44.99. http://www.ebay.com/itm/VTG-BABY-ALLIGATOR-BELT-STYLED-FOR-PARIS-BY-NICHOLA-DI-GIOVANNI-BOXED-MUST-SEE-/261952068590?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cfd8f5bee
Very, very savvy advice!
That three-piece suit is just stunning.
For sale: Three two amazing Oxxford polo shirts. Made in Italy. Size medium. Beautiful cotton. Luxurious, thick buttons. $45 each or two for $80. Price includes shipping via first class mail. SOLD . Thanks.
Glad it worked for you.For anyone interested in the Natural Craftsmanship,sport coats, my advice is to size up. I'm a 38 in just about every maker's jackets, but I couldn't even button this one.
^ I would think that, as long as you use the registered card, it should work.
Not sure why it isn't available to you. Every week or two, I get an email from AMEX with various offers I can opt into by "registering" my cards for that offer. The Brooks Brothers offer was one of the ones recently available. You may want to call AMEX to inquire about it, as it's a painless $50 credit.
FYI. AMEX has a promotion through the end of June -- spend $200 on your enrolled card and get a $50 credit on your statement. I bought some stuff on Friday when the semi-annual sale started. Moments later, I received an e-mail from AMEX informing me that my purchase triggered the credit. Details from Fat Wallet here: http://www.fatwallet.com/forums/hot-deals/1445983/
With the price now $700+, I'm not surprised they're not widely available.The Atlanta store was recently reorganized, and as far as I could tell, no longer carries any shell cordovan shoes.
The Natural Craftsmanship collection from a couple of years back is on sale at about 70% off, with a few exceptions. The original prices were quite high (e.g., cotton pants for $400, etc.), and apparently, it didn't do very well. I've bought some of the sweaters, shirts and pants, and it's very good quality. At these prices, it's a great value. Here's a link that will take you to the...
New Posts  All Forums: