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Price cut to $85.
2/11 -- price cuts on all belts.
2/11 price cut. Pants are now $155.
Brand new Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Oxford cloth button shirt. Size BB2. New with tags. $95, including first class shipping in the CONUS. Please see my other posts for NWT Black Fleece items.
Shirt sold. Found another pair of grey flannels.
I can't make it. Sorry.
Once again, time to thin the heard. Sizes range from 32-36. All have a removable buckle except for #1. Prices include first-class postage in the CONUS. PayPal only, please. Here's a picture of all but #10, which I added last. A few of these are one-piece belts, which are quite rare. I've included at least three pictures of each belt -- one where the buckle attaches, one in the middle of the belt, and one where the belt holes are, which is likely where it will have...
I also lost my Superstar status this week. I've spent thousands per year for the past few years, but with plenty of returns. I sent a message to customer service asking why, and received a vague reply. So if we're not Superstars by virtue of what we spend, just who is?
^^ Is there a difference in the color of the replacement shoes? I can't tell for sure in the picture. If not, I don't think I'd bother asking for an additional discount. Even if they started out perfect, they'd probably look like this at the end of the first day you wore them. And, as you said, a good polishing should address any minor imperfections.
Brooks Brothers Black Fleece blue check button-down shirt. Size BB2. NWT; still in the wrapper. Fit equates to Brooks' slim fit (Regent). Color is between blue and gray. $90 --> $85 -- includes first class postage in the CONUS. Thanks.
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