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Not quite sure what the above-poster is referring to. Although both coats are made of Loro Piana cashmere, they are definitely different. The material in the Saks coat (now sold), is thicker, heavier and not quite as luxurious as the cashmere in the double-breasted coat.
12/15 cuts on last two coats.
I don't have a 20% off code, but here's one for 10%: cdvCXAmC.
12/1 - cuts on remaining coats.
I much prefer to buy via B&S than from eBay. For one thing, sellers know how to measure! For another, sellers are more careful to spot, and are more honest about disclosing imperfections. And my experiences as a seller have been nearly universally positive. Stuff doesn't sell for as much as it does on eBay, but the hassle factor is so, so, much less.
For those looking for a classic, moderately-priced tux, you could a lot worse than this Polo model, on sale now for $600. You'll want to tuck in (or remove) the pocket flaps, and you may choose to have the double vents sewn closed, but otherwise, it's spot on -- peak lapels, single-button, grosgrain lapels, etc. Plenty of sizes available. http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=13233032
Combined with today's price drops, this promotion makes for some great deals.
YOOXMW25 for 25% off of selected merchandise. Only worked on one of a half-dozen items I tried.
Measurements added, as requested.
Price dropped -- now $40 each, or two for $70.
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