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Thanks-is that just a very small plastic ring mold? You get marrow bones cut to a couple inches to make punching out easier?
How do you get marrow into rounds like that?
@poilu details?
What pants are those @Francks
are the pants just the ervell standard jeans in black? I thought ervell only worked on super lanky guys but they look great here!
who makes the blackwatch shirt?
Brand new shield parka. Black cotton water resistant exterior with padded insulated liner. Liner is removable and can be worn on its own.
what's the name of those Schneider pants?
same size for achilles low and achilles mid? 46 is great for me in achilles low, but too big in other styles (slip on). will low and mid fit exactly the same?
non. just cuff the sleeves and it's perfect.
New Posts  All Forums: