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If I'm a 13 in free run 4 should I get same size for sock dart?
6'1". They fall at least a couple inches above my ankle
i got those niche trousers, too. sadly they are a bit too cropped for me even in XL.
501ct fit is exactly what you're after but yeah the denim doesn't feel amazing
Synthese which outlier pants are those? m-back long crops? website says they have a 28 inch inseam but yours don't look that cropped.
Where's the outlet?
I wear a size smaller in slip ons than Achilles
Where do you like in Toronto for Chinese @LA Guy ?
What's the easiest way to find virgils in size 12? Sand/lt brown suede preferred
Mostly looking for excellent food, preferably cheap/casual but interested in a variety. Beyond that, good neighbourhoods to explore?
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