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what's the name of those Schneider pants?
same size for achilles low and achilles mid? 46 is great for me in achilles low, but too big in other styles (slip on). will low and mid fit exactly the same?
non. just cuff the sleeves and it's perfect.
I just have a quick sizing question. If i wear a 46 in CP achilles, 45 in Birkenstocks, can anyone tell me what size I would be in the Barrie last?
I find the slip ons to be larger than achilles. I have achilles and slip ons both in 46. achilles are perfect, slip ons need an insole and are still a bit wide. could probably have sized down.
do you mean ronnell/i2onnell?
where did he say he didn't have a job?
anybody know where I can find these CP in 46?
I believe a long brine for corned beef is typical. Recipe is from In The Charcuterie.
I'm brining a brisket that I'm eventually going to smoke, the recipe says brine for 10 days, is it a bad idea to leave it in the brine for 14-15 days? Will it over-cure? It's a 9 pound brisket but I cut it in half to fit it in the brining vessel. Would it be better to remove after 10, vac-pac and leave in the fridge for a few days, then smoke?
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