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My wife just ran her first marathon: 4:06....
Can it be done? I have a very good tailor here in Atlanta, but the blazer is on Sierra Trading Post and before I buy it and take it to the him I would like to know if it is even feasible. Granted STP does have a very good return policy, so if my tailor looks at it and says no way I can always send it back. Thoughts?
I agree with the post for wearing a blazer and slacks. If you want the belt and suspenders approach put a tie in you inside pocket just in case. Given that they said specifically not to wear a suit I would not. Good luck on your interview. I hope it works out.
Looking for 40L blazers for work. I already have a blue sport coat looking for other conservative options. Pm with any thoughts. Sorry for the duplicate from the FS section. Can't seem to figure out how to delete that post.
Looking to build my work wardrobe, but I am having a hard time finding blazer in 40 L for a good value. Please pm me with any options. Thanks
I wear an 11B. Alden and Allen Edmonds might be your best options. Unfortunately in the sub $400, but still with quality construction (their styling has been greatly debated) these two are the best options I have found. As many have said you can get very good deals on AE on Ebay. for reference the Park Ave last (#5) is their most narrow and their website lists what others are on that last. The new strand and 5th Ave look nice in my opinion. Good luck. Seeing...
Not sure if it has been mentioned yet, but Nero d'Avola is a solid choice. Usually between $12 - 15 many have good spicy kick to it.
If you feel you have way too much ground beef donate some to a local food bank. other than that have lots of cookouts.
Marriage was the best thing to ever happened to me. To answer a few of the previous questions in the thread - I can't imagine the grief and pain of being a widower. Not something I ever want to go through. As for marriage advice - my wife actually gave a good friend of mine some great advice last Saturday night as we were all out drinking, and that was each person comes into a marriage with a different upbringing and ways of doing things. This does not make one...
going to have to give mary Mac's tea room a second vote. Great southern food. A second spot to hit up for BBQ would be Fox Bros BBQ. Not too far from Downtown. You could even take marta there. it is only a short walk from the station on Dekalb ave ( i can't remember the name).
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