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Quote: Originally Posted by unagiluva I'm confused by this thread. OP asks about whether wearing endangered animal hide is wrong, then moves to state that its unethical to wear animal hide from creatures that are not used for food/died of natural causes, THEN moves to say that its unethical to wear animal hide of the animals HE doesn't like to eat. THEN he chastises people for not addressing the original topic. Bingo.
Quote: Originally Posted by dshell Which makers? I'd be interested to know as well... so that I can avoid these makers, or petition them. It's ridiculous, and reeks of anti-competition to me - 'if they Topy their shoes, then we'll lose out on resoling!' If I can virtually destroy a pair of shoes through heavy use, or pick up an absolutely battered pair of shoes from a thrift, and then send them off to the original maker for a...
Quote: Originally Posted by dopey Most animals that are skinned alive are not done so specifically for the fur industry. Rather, the skins are the byproduct of a popular recreational "resort" activity in China where vacationers and pensioners, mostly from the provinces, participate in a "hunt and kill" where they chase pre-hobbled animals around a pen and then skin them alive. The animals are eaten at the resort, but the pelts are purchased by fur...
Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel They are a very cute animal and seemingly gentle creatures, so I might have some qualms about wearing their fur on that ground. Mink on the other are rather nasty customers--bloodthirsty predators in the wild and utterly vicious in captivity. Thus, their being harvested and farmed for their fur doesn't bother me so much. ...which is why I have a problem with some of the (albeit well-meaning) 'concern'...
Is it just me, or are the photos on the site linked really too small to discern anything aside from colours and patterns - and not textures or finer details? Ugh.
My god. The pinnacle of dressing well is an art, not a science. You can coordinate all you want based on colour wheels and skin tones and whatnot, but if you don't inject some creativity/spontaneity into things you will not go far. Also what a lot of people here are forgetting is that style is a trial and error sort of thing. You can't always get everything right the first time - you need to make some mistakes here and there, in your quest for your own personal style.
Quote: Originally Posted by JoelF Just starting to get into nice shoes here, but I love the look of a leather sole and could not imagine doing that. Kind of like putting slipcovers on to protect the furniture. As though leather soles look fantastic after they've been walked on. And the better analogy would be putting felt pads on the bottom of your furniture feet to protect them (and your floor). Virtually unnoticeable unless you look for...
Crimes of passion, yes. "You spent WHAT on THAT???!!!"
Quote: Originally Posted by Confucius Why does Nathan have 45 buttons on his sleeve? Some of the outfits seen on the Footy Show and the Brownlow red carpet are shocking. Almost as bad as you'd see stumbling down Flemington Rd after the races. Brands like Calibre and Farage just add to the 'Cashed up Bogan' trend. Let's face it - Australia, aside from small pockets in Sydney and Melbourne, is a sartorial wasteland.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel not sure what is uglier, the tie or the flat chested broad. That's incredibly rude - I'd be interested to see examples of the stunning specimens you've gone out with.
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