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I've got a brown TOJ calf bomber with a detachable fur collar. I believe the sizing is somewhere between a 48 & 49. I'm a perfect medium in everything and it's a perfect fit for me. I can take exact measurements if requested. I"m looking for a size 48 or 49 moto or dr! I'd also be willing to sell it outright.
Bump again. Easy way for you to make a little profit on some shorts!
I want a size 32, I might even go with a 30 if nothing comes up for the shorts and a M for the shirt. I'm paypal ready and willing to pay! Drop me a PM if you can help me out.
Anybody know where I can cop a pair of the san suede state side? I also heard that there's a navy colorway? I saw a pair on some Japanese site awhile back, anybody know where to cop them?
I hope you win the
Same here man, school + work is going to take a toll in the long run.
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