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2 wings + horns hoodies added!
Just added a pair of Martin Margiela German Army Trainers!
Have you tried Gravity Pope or Holt Renfrew?
Quote: Originally Posted by slack tide crappy pic but this shows the sizing of the sweatshorts and double layered pocket crew in size small. Both pieces fit true to size. The hat is by Hattan who I hope picks up some steam soon. repro 6 panel 40's baseball cap. decent athletic type look for the spring/summer I guess.. note the shorts are no where as thick as last year. as stated, just the double layered jersey. great for sleeping. Did...
Sell to me, please
Price drop on blanket
Wow, really didn't expect them to rehash the Foul Weather Bomber. I've been waiting for this day for a long time!!! Between this and the reiteration of the Geller piece I lust, I feel like I'm in heaven The original bomber was selling for $575 at Holt Renfrew back in the day...
Quote: Originally Posted by word Or somet 008 in black but I don't think those exist. They do! You would be looking for the Somet 018.
Added a wings + horns blanket in a nice large loop terry material (think SS11 hoodies)
46 or 48, pretty please!
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