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Just saw these at a local store...in Canada though.
What size is she? The Corner has some and they have their sale right now.
FW11 launch party on Thursday at Roden Gray.
Price drop April 77 Scanner Hyde $40 > $35
Looks like Dolce and Gabbana
Price drop _7 boots SOLD
Still looking
The cashmere pieces from last season were made in China.
* Items are shipped from Canada * All prices in USD * Payment by Paypal with confirmed addresses * Prices include shipping and insurance to Canada or ConUSA (unless specified otherwise) * International shipping available, please PM for rate * More pictures or measurements can be provided upon request. Please PM me if you're interested IC: BNWOT April 77 Scanner Hyde v-neck t-shirt in white - $40 > $35 Size SMALL 100% cotton American Apparel t-shirts: 1 for $15, 2...
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