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It's not so much that Geller's sizing was off back then. SS08's leathers ran ridiculously small, around 2 sizes, because they shrank too much.
Agreed, fit looks good. There appeared to be some discolourations in the photos...hope they aren't too obvious.
Is that the jacket from Rakuten?
Do you remember which season you tried on/how long ago? I do find the newer "base henleys" to be longer than the older 1x1 rib knit style.
Price drops
Price drop
Open to offers
* Items are shipped from Canada * All prices in CAD * Payment by Paypal with confirmed addresses * Prices include shipping to Canada or ConUSA (unless specified otherwise) * International shipping available, please PM for rate * More pictures or measurements can be provided upon request. Please PM me if you're interested. BNWT Faliero Sarti scarf in natural 65cm x...
Price dropped Open to offers
Saw that bomber in a local store a couple weeks ago
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