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Hi, Looking for a style they made years ago -- doubled pleated front with pull-tabs on the side. Gorgeous pants. Size 38. Thx! JV
Anyone know where I can purchase Kiton's signature scent in a BALM? Seems virtually impossible to find these days... Thx
A couple of those Purple Label cuff links looked so nice, I couldn't resist.
I've never experienced anything more than, say, 1/4" shrinkage on the sleeves of my RTW Kiton shirts. Quote: Originally Posted by azzkikr9 A question regarding sleeves on Kiton shirts. Will the sleeve length shrink considerably (or at least noticeably) after the first wash of a Kiton dress shirt? I wear a size 16.5/42 and find that the sleeves are just a bit long, not a lot though, but would like them to be shorter. I have yet to wash any of my...
Was wondering if anyone has had any experience with these innovatively designed frames: Hard to tell from the pics, but was wondering, too, people's opinion as to which color looks best for these frames: Black or Grey? Any help or advice much appreciated.
Quote: Originally Posted by rickblaine Can highly recommend mother of pearl collar stays, e.g. as those that are available from TM Levin. Has all the benefits of metal (i.e. more solid, do not bend), but are not as heavy and does not cause the excessive tear on the collar that to heavy metal ones do Indeed, back in the day, I bought several pairs of MOP stays from Carlo Franco. The length is not appropriate for all of my shirts, but I agree...
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm does he do chronographs? how much does he charge for servicing? Yes, he's done chronographs for me. Can't really comment on pricing, as I'm sure it will depend on the specifics of your watch. I can say that I've always found him to be very reasonable and honest -- well worth the money.
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm anyone know where vintage valjoux or chronograph mechanical watches can be serviced in NYC? thanks! There's a guy downtown who is excellent -- I've used him many times. It's a very small shop located at 15 Maiden Lane. The guy's name is Gennadiy. His phone no. is 212.571.1390
Quote: Originally Posted by saint If anyone's interested, I have a NWOB pair of Santoni Florence Goodyear not FAM in size 13, Topied but unworn that I'd be willing to sell. any pics?
Quote: Originally Posted by harp I recently picked up a couple of dress shirts on sale at NM. My shirts always need altered so I figured I'd just get them to do it in the store as opposed to having to make another trip out to my tailor. The SA, who seemed new ended up charging $52 per shirt for alterations. Is this standard pricing at NM or did she overcharge me? Had I known it was that much I obviously would've just taken it to my...
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