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Best pics I could come up with at midnight after a night out!! Suit: Navy, tailor made in Hong Kong Shirt: Blue gingham, tailor made in Hong Kong Tie: Blue wool knit, Zegna Shoes (unseen): Brown C&J Audley The wool knit tie with square bottom caused a lot of controversy when I wore it to work, and I haven't worn it since until tonight. It worked well underneath the vest though.
Quote: Originally Posted by JasonHe btw, is that brown lens aviators with silver frame? Yes, they're brown (gradient) lens with silver frame
Raybans wayfarers v Raybans aviators - which style do you think suits best?
I'll be attending my friend's wedding soon and would like to wear a bowtie, although the dresscode isn't formal. What do you think about combo 1 below? (blue ginham shirt, black bowtie, navy suit) Alternatively I could go for the conservative option with combo 2 (white shirt, blue tie, navy stripe suit) Which do you think looks better for a wedding?
Do you think tartan ties are appropriate for work, and what do you think about this one? Link to source: Charles Tyrwhitt
I'm thinking about buying them, any thoughts?
Cross-post. Thinking about wearing this on a date this Saturday. Comments appreciated! (I will try to take a pic in a more scenic location next time ;-))
Any reason you think they're no good? Is it the style?
They are Versace. I bought them today and am deciding whether I will keep them.
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