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Quote: Originally Posted by Septavius I really liked her in the Ned and Stacey sitcom. Yeah, I saw an episode of that show and it was really funny. Though I mostly know her from Will & Grace, but apparently this show back when it was a miniseries was really popular. USA's definitely got tons of promos out about it, so this will probably do pretty decently in the ratings as well.
Anyone seen the promos for this? Looks like it starts up this Friday, and I've always been a Debra Messing fan, so I'll prob. be checking it out. Burn Notice is one of the best TV shows out there, so I'm officially always willing to give USA shows a shot.
I’m giving this contest a shot, it’s the Doritos Crash the Superbowl contest. Just heard of it... all you do is send a music video of yourself and if you're the best they pick you to do a rendition that will pay as a commercial during the superbowl. I think I can sing, so I’m giving it a try. Anyone else wanna join me? At the very least it would be fun. Here’s the site:
I think she is attractive .. but she is always looking at herself .. thats just annoying
Anyone else excited for the upcoming National Treasure 2. I enjoy the whole history/scandal/mystery genre so I'm pretty pumped to see what the next one will be about ... I have heard that the trailer is out from Comic Con but I haven't seen it anywhere online.. anyone else???
outside of all the women he has been through over the years the show is pretty interesting ... and well outside of his first .. u can definitely tell he has a TYPE
ooo that would be a tough decision.. Famke is also a little older and has a totally different vibe than JA.. I guess its all about what ur into
New episode tonight.. he is going to be in Australia... I am goign to tune in to see what he has for dinner . i'm thinking Kangaroo testicles?? something along those line s?? Hey if it helps you survive.. you gotta eat
Yes I'm going to have to agree... I just saw the episode where he cooked the sheep meet and its balls in the hot springs .. so see he does cook when possible
I think the point of it is that If you are lost in the wild what can you do to survive. and if you don't have the means to cook the snake then hey you can just bite its head off .. yes there is some shock value .. but he targets extreme situations .. and you probably will never be in the situation but its good to know .... and in the end its just more entertaining
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