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Florence or Venice Italy. I love the culture and refinement of both these cities. I have visited both and have an equal love for both.
Those who have viewed my Thread I appreciate your reading it,however, a reply or feedback is appreciated. I am not being sarcastic,but realistic when I make the Statement that "Style" is more than just the shoes on your feet, the cars you drive, and the home you live in....When you make a contribution to another human you also lift yourself higher. I know that someone on this Forum is in a Position to at least give me a reference point or contact. Thanks to those who...
If any of you are Headhunters serving a wide range of Industries I would love to connect with you. I have worked as a Sales Professional for two major Fortune 100 companies. I prefer a more laser like approach that the Internet does not give to me. Unfortunately, the majority of my Network contacts are in New York City where I lived for fifteen years. If you would be so kind in lending a helping hand to a fellow forum member it would truly be appreciated. I have devoured...
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I think the brown Chukka boot style would work fine with your Jeans. Definitely,not the black dress shoes, unless you are wearing a coordinated sports jacket with the Jeans.
Our bodies are complex mechanisms. I have had a similar twitching over a two year period and it subsided eventually, then, it just returned to normal. It is our human fraility that often takes us to a dreadful expectation .( A specialist can verify the validity of a serious malady) The complex inner universe we call our body is capable of maintaining itself in balance and perfection if we think of healing and wholeness, not worst-case scenarios.
A follow up to my previous Post and thanks to SField for so graciously quoting me. In no way do I have any hate or animosity for Mr James. I know that he is a mini-corporation almost on par with a Michael Jordan. We definitely laud and applaud him for his contributions in this manner. It was wasted money pure and simple....His Money! His choice!His Actions ,and ,I respect that fact. I don't drink and smoke, no hate for those who do,but, I don't see it. I have been...
A Frivolous waste of Money. Truly not a Model Man off the Court. I hope he has a Foundation in place that will do good that actually benefits humanity. It is his choice on how to spend his money and I accept that it is his Free will to as he pleases... But... Come onnn Lebron. He is literally pissing his money away because with all this liquor, the bathroom had a date with his bladder ,and, the bladders of his friends.
That is a sad situation for them!! The shoes look fantastic. Which other manufacturer makes shoes with the style and panache of Sutor Mantellasi? I believe someone on the forum stated that the items from Bontoni where of a similar level of Craftsmanship.
To all those in the Know on Sutor Mantellasi... Which store in the U.S. has the largest selection of Sutor Mantellasi shoes? Do they do made to measure here in the States ? Are there Trunk shows anywhere ? Has anyone visited the stores in either Milan, Florence, or, England? What were your thoughts on the selection abroad? I love the style but cannot find any here in Atlanta. They are no longer at Nieman-Marcus in Atl. Thanks in advance for the feedback and...
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