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Some of the ugliest ties I've ever seen! I wonder how many of the polo scenes ties from page 1 would sell here in Italy...
Thank you for all your advices, I like the blue one more, too. Anyway, I post the links of the two blazers and of one dark blue velvet suit I was thinking of instead of the blazers. Blue and black blazers from 57 T (a brand I don't know): Blue suit from Prada:
Hello, I would like to buy a velvet blazer and found one interesting on-line that comes in both dark blue and black colours. Which one would you suggest me? I would wear it in a casual way, with a shirt, no tie and a pair of jeans or Prince of Wales pants. Thanks for your advices, Carmine
Hello to everyone, my first post here! As for the shirt, I think it could be a fake, too. It's unlike for Cavalli main line to have a side tag; furthermore I own a couple of great Cavalli t-shirts from three or four seasons ago, the label on the neck is different (although I actually don't know whether he changed it recently) and the overall quality is far from what it looks like from the pics. PS: Sorry for my bad English, I'm from Italy
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