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Quote: Originally Posted by Nicola I don't where you are but a few months back the Zegna outlet here in Italy had scarves for 25Euros. Lots of selection Oct when I was looking. What Zegna outlet? Thanks
Well, its pretty impossible to restrain it to 10 movies, I'll try by not having more than one movie per director! Robert Bresson - Au hazard Balthazar Yasujiro Ozu - Tokyo Story Federico Fellini - 8 1/2 Wong Kar Wai - In the mood for love Ingmar Bergman - Persona C.T. Dreyer - The passion of Joan of Arc Stanley Kubrick - 2001 Space Odissey Andrej Tarkosvkij - Mirror Francois Truffaut - Jules and Jim Ritwik Gathak - The cloud capped star Mikhail Kalazotov - Soy...
Quote: Originally Posted by mgomes I'm looking for a scarf (or two) to wear with a charcoal suit and overcoat (Zegna). Shirt either plain white or blue and plain tie probablly. I'm looking for the tie and scarf to give some zing to an otherwise sombre colour scheme but nothing over the top as it's a business/work context. Here's some I'm...
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker err.. kind of the reverse. If you are looking for a 50+ benefactor, show up looking dandy sans wedding ring at any of the above, especially the first. So, I must have them!
Quote: Originally Posted by Wicky Found the address of the Borrelli outlet -> Via dei Gracchi 56C (its at a corner). About 5 - 10 minute walk from the Vatican. Thanks for the address. I used to live in that neighborhood (Prati) a couple of years ago, but I had never noticed it. AFAYK, do they sell ties and pockets squares?
Hello to everyone! I saw a beatiful pair of white double monk shoes from Lobb on B&S, incredibly in my size. I would like to know your opinion whether it would be wise to buy them. Would I get with the double monks the same effect the guy in the photo below gets with his shoes? (I mean the relaxed look) Thanks for your advices!
Love it! But it was already on-line a couple of days ago... BTW, is there any chance to see more silk paisley pocket squares in the future?
Quote: Originally Posted by binge You plan on buying directly from them, then take it to your tailor to be made up? Ask your tailor if he has, or is willing to request, the W. Bill books. The jacket below is of W. Bill cloth and my tailor had couple of their books IIRC. Didn't seem to me to be any bigger hassle than any of the other common/popular English and Italian books. Can I ask you the maker of pocket square? It's truly beatiful!!
Third photo's gloves and shoes are amazing!!
Quote: I'm sorry, but I'm not currently shipping to Italy. Too many country-specific shipping problems. Depending on how the sale goes, I might alter my stance, but we'll see. Thanks for your interest, though! Thanks anyway! Just for my knowledge, the problem is on the shipper side (e.g. troubles with postal service) or the receiver one (e.g. customs)? I ask that because, as for now, I bought twice on SF: a pair of A.Thurston suspenders from...
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