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Are RLPL pocket squares made of silk? Would you ship both to Italy? Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by walneal Gents, Just curious if an Alligator Tote Bag would arouse interest. Its a Beige/light brown/white combination. Not an everyday business bag style. But great for casual/weekend/cruise use. The style is very appealing to myself. I would keep it if it is a Calf/Suede combination. Bag is pretty much new, full Alligator shell, leather lined. No shoulder strap. Price would be around 350 shipped anywhere. I can put up...
Thanks for your opinions. I contacted the seller and if everything goes smooth, I will surely post fit pics in the WAYWRN thread (a debut!)
Quote: Originally Posted by Nicola The one outside of Pescara for sure but I guess the other two in Italy carry basically the same stock. Thank you, I'll check it soon
I need a proxy for these Paul Smith sunglasses (in blue) from Gilt Group: Please let me know how much would it be to proxy to Italy Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman Thanksgiving edition: [G Lorenzi lighter in the shape of a panther, I think it says it doesn't currently work: Correct!
Quote: Originally Posted by Britalian I would second most of these. Some of the teeny shite forwarded previously as suggestions is laughable. I couldn't agree more. Maybe our 'good taste' is dependent on being both from Italy?
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel As bad as their outfits are, and I am hoping against hope that they were forced to dress this way to sell something, their shoes are literally vomit inducing. TheSart should be forced to give up his camera for this. That would be my hope, as well, but I don't know why, but I think we're dramatically wrong!
Thanks for the reply, I was going to consider these as summer shoes myself. BTW, I know the brand, but never had a chance to try one pair on. So, what is your impression on quality? If you have some C&J, how would you compare to them? Thanks again
Sorry for the bump, but I would really like to know your thoughts
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