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Hi, I don't know whether this is the right place to post it, in that case I apologize for that in advance. Anyway, I spotted a beatiful RLBL leather trim wool cashmere jacket on Gilt (ID:#960193019ZMJ), still available in my size (S), so I was wondering if there's some good soul out there on SF who could proxy it for me to Italy. Please let me know your total quote for your time as well as shipping (also in PM). Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by Ben Gurion Rule number 1 Never use black shirts with ties. +1 I own a similar shirt and the only decent combination I found so far is with a medium blue embroidered Roda tie. But even this look is only sufficient in my eyes, so I just wear this shirt tieless (and even so, non that often!)
Thanks to all for your replies and in particular StephenStyle for this beatiful pocket square (I actually bought from him, without knowing he was a SF member). Surely recommended!
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Will posted a rockin' combo today that's anchored by a solid shirt. I go back and forth...sometimes, I like everything patterned, sometimes not. It tends to run in seasonal phases. - B Wonderful combo! The vest in particular. I would have preferred another colour in PS, but that's only my humble opinion (I still have a lot to learn from SF masters!) BTW, do you think this pattern would do well...
Hello to everyone, I just received from eBay a beatiful silk Duchamp PS. My concern is about its thickness. Are they usually so? My only two other PS's are by Etro (very thin silk) and Kent Wang (but it's a linen). Well, this Duchamp is even thickier than KW's linen! Also, do you think that this tie ( is original? Seller has some more listed and I would buy a couple, but since price is a bit low, I was doubting...
PM'd on PS#1
The jacket is wonderful, except for the cuffs! And I think 1400$ is a very good price for DH, anyway. (I bought a military style jacket from Gucci in 2003, quite similar to this one, and paid 1290€ for it, that is just under 2K$)
Quote: Originally Posted by DandySF With all these fakes, it makes me wonder whether the original is even desirable or worth purchasing. For higher value items that require substantial technical expertise, I don't see fakes. I've never heard of a fake Rolls Royce, Bentley, Porsche, etc. However, when it comes to a length of silk with associations of status, fakes abound. When a tie is knotted around someone's neck, I don't think I could discern...
Not a Ferragamo, but what do you think of this Drake's? Is it legit? Because I would like to buy a couple of these ones
Quote: Originally Posted by artoftime brown flannel is superb and a bit less commonly seen +1 Especially a lighter brown
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