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Quote: Originally Posted by keal No problem about the slow response, I'm like that, too The areas that have rips and tears... often times the manufacturer will sew around the holes to keep the damage from spreading as the user wears in the jeans. It's not that big of a deal, but a nice extra if it was done. Earnest Sewn is known to go over their distress work so that the jeans are as durable as an untouched pair. Very nice distressing on your...
Quote: Originally Posted by keal propho, are the rips and tears reinforced? Or do you think the jeans will shred and be unwearable within the year? Sorry for the slow response, been really busy lately.. I am not sure what you mean by reinforced.. how can you tell?
I bought these jeans in Namba from Main Souce.. they have a label VIBGYOR and are made in China.. what are your thoughts and also what other brands make jeans like this?? I haven't been able to find any "unique" jeans since I came back..
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