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is 52 the larger or the smaller size?
I thought this thread was going to be about dressing up in women's clothing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Spatlese Thanks, if Lou Dawg's does takeout, I'm there. I'll probably try it regardless. The night I went to Reggie's, I was in need of some quick takeout after working out (actually, I should also point out it took ~15 minutes to get my order, so I was sitting there, marinating in my own sweat) Have you guys been to Black Camel, by the Rosedale subway, for pulled pork? I was a frequent patron when I was...
John Polidori (aka, Polly Dolly): "Name one thing, other than writing poetry, that you can do better than me!" George, Lord Byron: "I shall name you three. One, I can shoot my pistol through that keyhole across the room. Two, I can swim across this bay, to that lighthouse, and back. And three, I can give you a damned good thrashing."
I just bought a pair of tailored fit corduroys and really like them. They're fairly slim, though not agressively so, and the rise is higher than some people like. But the price is right, and you can return them for free if they don't work, so it's worth trying.
pm'd for the Kilgour
Kilgour suit looks interesting. Do you have some measurements? Shoulders, chest, sleeves? Functioning cuff buttons?
What's the sleeve length on this? That's my only concern; otherwise I'm interested.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria He also re-bangs women. Come again?
Have you watched Weekend at Bernie's II?
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