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ugh new money, don't you know?
some recent pick-ups.
bought this kurta for $4 for my orientalist fantasies / maybe wear to beach
I like the shoes in that context. Obviously they're ugly.
yeah, don't size down.
lifestyle / secrets of the deep
I did! There's not really a lot to it, I do an overnight buttermilk soak with garlic & hot sauce, shake chicken in a bag with flour salt pepper cayenne, dunk in ice water then back into flour mixture for a second coat. Fry in shortening in a deep cast iron pan for ~20 minutes, covered for first half of cooking then uncovered after flipping. Fat should 2/3 - 3/4 cover the chicken. Next time I make fried chicken I'm going to try this I...
I spend three quarters of my life in a pair of black cut-off H&M jeans that look like shit and always smell bad and have a hole in the crotch and are just gross and lush and sweaty like wearing a hangover. And I put them on each morning thinking yeah OK I'm fine this is good enough life is just fine. And I'm drinking one of those pre-made caesars to which I added like 8 dashes of tabasco and a stupid amount of horseradish and later on I'm gonna make a bunch of fried...
just remembered how much I like this video
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