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a helmet for what? let yourself scratch it's all you have left.
I read this article about a guy who had a neurological thing was his head was itching always and he scratched it and scratched it and until his head was all raw and cut and such and he tried to stop scratching but in his sleep he would scratch and wake up all bloodied from the scratching and so he then he had to wear a football helmet as so not to scratch his head but still it itched and I think eventually he killed himself. He tried hard but maybe not hard enough.
teenagers are annoying.
I hate all of you and your tedious fascination with clothing
framing narrative
ghdhdhdyyfuyfuf"s airport photo is how you should wear clothes.
Just read Bradbury's Martian Chronicles and it was wonderful - flowery and plangent science fiction dreamy all fantasy no science - "They had a house of crystal pillars on the planet Mars by the edge of an empty sea..."
[[SPOILER]] I like this because it's a bunch of stuff that's pretty cool but not amazing or goes together great but it looks like comfortable clothing and all pretty good and just a person wearing clothes and it's fine. And actually there're aspects of it that are kind of ugly but fuck it. The hair is not so good I don't care. Though I don't like the straight hem of the shir actually if I'm going to pick nits. Whateveredit plus bonus comment I always want to like benes fit...
I don't think I'm old, but I guess I don't know. Also: Sorry, jabonator, but the future is fucking bleak.
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