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would be better if the wallpaper was your shirt
But isn't this the joke, that the "neutral level" the paint puts all these things on is the level of luxury designer good? That even a "blank canvas" becomes a covetable status object as the machinery of fashion creates new historical and cultural references for even a paint-covered german athletic shoe? So that the "no-content" thing now has way more content than the original thing ever had, that content being explicitly grounded in nothingness in a way that has to make...
i like margiela because it is funny and jokes are serious but i don't know that regis does the joke? maybe he does it very dry and I don't see it, though, than that is good.
am I out of line to think that like those painted GATs are kind of a joke of "here's some old sneakers with house paint on them that are really expensive" or the MMM stuff where they took found clothing and reproduced it as "fashion." This was playful yes? Do I not get it? I like fashion but it is funny yes?
I feel like the bang-for-your-buck calculation on that Regis fit is very whimper-for-a-fortune which I guess is cool with MMM where it's some postmodern fashion thing where you spend lots of money on banal attire to deconstruct the idea of fashion but I'm not sure on whom the joke is?
the sweater that goes BOOM! is kind of desirable
straw hat plus all linen naturally made me imagine softer looser cooler, so disappointed by reality. Which is not ghostface's fault, just reality.
^description of this fit is so promising but then pictures loaded and were so disappointing.
but do bring a sweater
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