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whatever, losing weight is bullshit. Fit could also be cool with loud shirt; florals or large paisleys or william morris print or etc.
Kn P is doing cardigan correctly
let us not be cousins, but brothers, brothers who do not wear loafers
Double monks are generally unfortunate because of menswear associations, but redeemable in Melon's fit by being obviously out of place in an endearing way. Single monks I like because my dad wears them. I dislike all of SVB's shoes but also I know that he and I are not so different and he is just trying to make his way in a difficult world and I do not judge him. edit: in stitches too wears unattractive shoes, all too often, but he is I think a good man.
the shoes are not so pretty but they are sweet and good-hearted just a little shy I think
can any Canadians comment on if Canada popeye's is same as american? (or close enough) walk past the bloor / dufferin one pretty frequently but have never gone in.
KOY you should grow your hair out
would be better if the wallpaper was your shirt
But isn't this the joke, that the "neutral level" the paint puts all these things on is the level of luxury designer good? That even a "blank canvas" becomes a covetable status object as the machinery of fashion creates new historical and cultural references for even a paint-covered german athletic shoe? So that the "no-content" thing now has way more content than the original thing ever had, that content being explicitly grounded in nothingness in a way that has to make...
New Posts  All Forums: