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sorry that caustic man's picture was the first one I saw, most of the others are ok. Top half of flying monkey's is excellent. so is claghorn's cardigan. note: I'm not a very frequent or well regarded SWD poster.
please please please remove that scarf. also your jeans fit terribly and your socks make me want to cut myself. tshirt is also ugly but not as egregious. cardigan is ok!
dishy i like this fit i'm sorry you posted it right after parker.
I like it when my shoes are disproportionate / ugly. All chinese food should periodically fall health inspections because fuck the city man. someone in toronto deliver to me dandan noodles from chinese traditional bun on dundas?
what does it matter? it's all just people trying to sell you clothes, even SF is just user-generated clothing ads.
weird bar, thrift tweed
I have some light brown sealskin shoes that are a little banged up. Should I just treat them like normal leather? Not a lot of info out there.
these shoes probably pre-date that rule, though. But I would assume you would want a more mature leather to make shoes?
yeah they gotta be at least 2 weeks old before you can kill them.
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