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Quote: Originally Posted by Standard Toaster Context, just because Paki can be used as a racial slur doesn't mean it was. T No,no,no not CAN be. Is exclusively a racial slur! There is no other use for the word.
Quote: Originally Posted by lightsaber And some would have said famous people only wear Italian designer brands... Touché
Quote: Originally Posted by lightsaber I'm puzzled by what appeal there could be for brand-name, designer clothing among men who can afford personal tailoring on a regular basis. I wear both. Only about a quarter of my suits and jackets are bespoke. If I had the cash I would never wear a stitch of off-the-rack clothes again. I enjoy all of my wardrobe but, but even my most well-fitting RTW clothes would be superior if they had been hand-made for me...
As a Londoner I find your tone about London residents extremely arrogant and offensive, especially saying "Paki" which has long been a racist slur against Pakistanis. Not impressed in ths slightest!
To answer the question, a down filled parka beats them all hands down!
Quote: Originally Posted by polar-lemon Shearling, down parka, wool. Leather is extremely warm, especially shearling. Excuse me, but what kind of answer is that? You've simply repeated all the options!
This whole discussion shouldn't even be happening, because the whole topic falls down at the first hurdle. i.e. the utter and total lack of fundamental parenting skills exhbibited by those two idiots who called their child Adolf Hitler. Coupled with the fact that US legislation was unable to stop it. Talk about setting your child up for a life of misery and a F***ed up psyche! In Sweden, you cannot name a child (first name, middle names or surname)anything that...
Quote: Originally Posted by mert54 I've been everything based on my last name, Goody. I've been Goodmeister, Goodson, Goodster, and just Goody. I've some groups where I'm just "the Jew", jewboy, etc... Aren't you more referring to usernames on the net though, as opposed to real world nicknames?
"Mad Dog" which during my military and police days was quite appropriate. And as with any true nicknames, it wasn't one I particularly wanted and wasn't one I gave myself. My police colleagues gave it to me in the mid-80s, because I was slightly mentally unbalanced back then but moreso because I was an "action (and fast hard action) speaks louder than words" type of cop. My team was always the first called to deal with violent street incidents. Luckily the name...
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