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Stockholm - becasue I live in Sweden, have done since 96. And am fluent in Swedish. However, I live 4 hours (by car) from our nation's capital. And as a Londoner I do miss the big city life occasionally. But I get to Stockholm regualry with work and for gigs, so I get a taste now and again. http://jakobg.files.wordpress.com/20...n-maj-2008.jpg
Only encountered him on one thread, recently. Only understood about half of his awful English, but quickly formed the impression that he was rather self-obsessed, quite boring, and very arrogant!
I've not yet in 47 years felt the need to look like a sleazeball low life!
I owned 3 fake Tags years ago. And compared them against real ones, and so knowing what to look for I'd put money on that one being real. However, they're a bit naff! Like someone else said, why pay so much for a quartz/battery watch? Get something "real" instead in the same price range. Some of the Seiko and Certina automatics look wonderful. Or even an Oris or Jacques Lemans. To name my favourite brands in and just above that price range.
Ah, countdemoney I see you were posting at the same time as me, kind of making my second point redundant, by posting those Articles from the GC.
Two tips to a few of you. 1. Look up the FULL defintion of the word "torture" in the OED not in a pocket Webster's 2. Look up ALL the subjects and situations the Geneva Convention covers
Quote: Originally Posted by tony19 Welp It's official....You've ruined the thread.... Good! It needed ruining!
Quote: Originally Posted by misterjase at least we did that in 1968 and were big enough to admit our wrongs and say sorry in 2008. i don't think the British would do that - EVER. 'white societies' have a lot to learn about the issue and I don't think the British (and derivatives like U.S. and Aus) can preach on racism from moral high ground. Hey, who ya telling? I'm Irish! I couldn't agree more. That said I don't think I had any relatives...
Quote: Originally Posted by misterjase interested to read the poms have learn't about racism. it was the poms who attempted to destruct the aboriginal race - a bit of heritage that Australia has not rectified in 200 years. Well in 1968 at least, the Australian govt did finally recognise the Aboriginal people as humans!!! (I think it was 68!)
Quote: Originally Posted by tony19 Spirit - Jeez. if you can't laugh at this then you have issues. I never laugh at racism. Yes, I have issues with racists and idiots!
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