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Quote: Originally Posted by misterjase at least we did that in 1968 and were big enough to admit our wrongs and say sorry in 2008. i don't think the British would do that - EVER. 'white societies' have a lot to learn about the issue and I don't think the British (and derivatives like U.S. and Aus) can preach on racism from moral high ground. Hey, who ya telling? I'm Irish! I couldn't agree more. That said I don't think I had any relatives...
Quote: Originally Posted by misterjase interested to read the poms have learn't about racism. it was the poms who attempted to destruct the aboriginal race - a bit of heritage that Australia has not rectified in 200 years. Well in 1968 at least, the Australian govt did finally recognise the Aboriginal people as humans!!! (I think it was 68!)
Quote: Originally Posted by tony19 Spirit - Jeez. if you can't laugh at this then you have issues. I never laugh at racism. Yes, I have issues with racists and idiots!
Quote: Originally Posted by tony19 Dude, get off your soap box and lighten up! This guy is a joke and should not be taken seriously. you're getting a little out of hand and should relax. Please don't ruin the thread with your commentary. Now can we get back to Manouche's hysterical visit to London??? Wind your neck in son! You don't know me, so button your lip!
Quote: Originally Posted by HORNS This is too heavy for a Manouche thread. If you expect him to address these racial issues, then you are wrong. He'll be busy rolling his boogers while you guys are talking amongst yourselves. Hopefully though it will open his eyes to the fact that he can't just come on here and refer to a fellow Londoner, fellow human, as a Paki without me and thankfully several others giving him a hard time!
Quote: Originally Posted by js4design well while i'm sure you can imagine i don't agree with this viewpoint, i do respect that you hold up your beliefs so firmly, no matter the audience. I know how difficult it can be, especially in the environment you described. agree to disagree and let bygones be bygones? Fair enough by me mate. But what bygones? We haven't had an argument or even a heated discussion, rather we've had a pleasant, calm...
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley ^^Do you know what racism even is (serious question)? Who are you asking? If you're asking me, let me tell you that I worked on a street crimes unit in central and west London dealing with racist attacks for six months, with support from the CRE (Commission for Racial Equality) So I know very well from the sharp end, and seeing many victims of racist attacks, what racism is. But you might not have...
Quote: Originally Posted by js4design i really don't think this was using any logic, much less my logic. i fail to see the correlation. im not making excuses. and maybe i misrepresented myself but i was speaking more about racial humor, not racist humor. im just wondering, what is your opinion on people who laugh at racial jokes? because by that definition, that racist jokes are racist not jokes, and since you have said that jokes about race are...
Quote: Originally Posted by manouche One of the salesman had a DIGITAL casio... the doofus! God, you really are the worst kind of snobbish TWAT!
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley Folks, you just can't make this shit up. Unfortunately! I just feel sorry for the normal working people he encountered and upset in London!
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