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I have, but usually with not that much air between son and bitch. Usually more like suma-bitch or sun-bitch
Why are you asking us? Go with your instincts!
Quote: Originally Posted by Goat but for those who don't allow me to introduce myself Who has prevented you from introducing yourself?
Quote: Originally Posted by scarphe frankly i think the price is a tag high, I think you mean tad not tag.
Old news. This cropped up late last summer!
Thanks! Part four, what can I say. Several comments there from Robert Elms, in the blue blazer and glasses, who like me is originally from Notting Hill. Robert elms wrote the great book "The Way We Wore" Once a skinhead, always a skinhead.
China,Iran,Pakistan = Order without justice UK, US = justice without much order nowadays Sweden = order & justice........I think I'll stay here.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tangfastic Trolls generally start their own threads, its a more effective way of winding up more people. Thanks for another pointless platitude.
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman Kee-rist. No, he's dead! Seriously though, some people need to get some perspective! Genocide is being committed and a handful of people are offended by some cookies! Please! Get a fcuking grip!
As an outsider my view on this is simple. If Americans aren't adult enough or mature enough to use the word nigger in the context of a serious discussion on racism then they're not adult enough to be discussing racism at all! And calling those cookies racist indicates that PC is way out of control in the US. I'm sorry but I didn't see a crowd of black people protesting outside the shop. And don't black people get drunk? And make funny faces in exactly the same way...
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