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A quick comparison on my own feet regarding Loake sizing My size 9 (UK) Loake Oxfords are a good fit, snug, comfortable, not too loose and not too tight. In other words just right. My size 9 (UK) Rockport brogues are a tad roomier but not loose. My size 9 (UK) Ecco half-brogues are like my Loakes a good fit & perhaps a tad tighter than the Loakes My size 9 (UK) Dr. Marten Gibson shoes are also a good fit but a bit loose now after 10 years and still going...
Quote: Originally Posted by SuperBobo oki ni Blimey...is that a Montana Mountain Militia Man?
Quote: Originally Posted by Jeff Naylor My day-to-day goto is Guerlain Heritage. I have several others I mix in from time to time. What's a "goto"?
No. Not since I realised about 2 years ago that after shave and eau de toilete were, along with one or two other things, triggering the migraines I was regularly having. I'm Very sensitive to strong fragrances. I got a migraine 2 weeks ago from using a new shampoo which I didn't realise was perfumed. Many public buildings in Sweden are now fragrance free zones, this includes nursery schools, primary schools, clinics, hopsitals. Due to people's allergies.
Quote: Originally Posted by m_wave Ben Sherman is UK crap.. Ben Sherman stores in most malls in London What are you basing that one? UK Ben Sherman pique shirts, for example, are cut much larger than the Korean made ones. As for "Ben Sherman stores in most malls in London" that is just complete and utter nonsense! If you don't know anything about a subject don't respond with such total inaccuracies
I clicked on a link over at Ask Andy a couple of weeks ago.And signed up immediately due to the streetwear and denim forum.
Quote: Originally Posted by IrishDan Ah sure now, a mhic, you should see the Claddagh watch I've got. It's quite nice, gold claddagh on black face, but bordering on Oirish kitsch. Mise le meas James
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade I prefer the simplest ones we've seen (aside from the LED watch). I don't think anything too cluttered can qualify as "most beautiful." Well said mo chara!
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 This is the conclusion of your 500-word dissertation? Slightly disappointing... Well, excuse me for living!!!! But it hasn't always been my favourite brand...up to the early-mid 90s I'd have said Swatch or Seiko...honestly..that was when I needed a reliable cheap watch that could get broken on patrol w/o me losing any sleep over the loss, and before I started buying quality watches and lusting after a...
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