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Point of order and point of fact now lads. The DMs made in China are exactly the same as the DMs that were made in Enlgand. Why do I say this? Simple, because when the Chinese company bought DM they of course didn't just buy a supply of shoes and boots and a licence to make footwear they of course bought all the machinery and tools. So the Chinese produced product is exactly the same. I've compared my new 10 hole cherry reds with my old DMs and there is absolutely...
Hello mate, yea I know Perkele, I saw them at Sweden's biggest ska, punk & hardcore festival 2 years ago. Headlining at the same festival that year were Bad Manners, GBH and the Cockney Rejects. (BTW Perkele are currently recording a new mini album) Sweden and Germany were pretty much like the US in that they came into the scene like yourself in the early 80s through the back door of punk and Oi! Myself I've never really been a huge fan of Oi! But I still love a...
Yep, I was so glad to move from London to Sweden it meant I could really enjoy my favourite seasons, autumn and winter and dress properly more often. BTW, MC, surely you mean testosterone? And I've got my own Swedish honey so I'm not looking, just being courteous to a person I assume is a fellow Swedish resident.
Hej Tomten are you in Sweden as well? James in Karlstad
10 hole red DMs. Jeans. Dark green, long sleeve, soft army style shirt, Green Swedish army field coat.
Well my user name will tell those of you that know of these things where I'm coming from. I grew up in central London in the 60s and 70s - I'm 47 now. And I still like to "keep the faith" at ska,soul and reggae gigs And I still like to wear my DMs, a checked shirt and jeans. Any other original traditional London skinheads here?
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