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Quote: Originally Posted by lynchpatrickj Looks like a bunch of old white guys in everyday clothes to me. Admittedly Christer and Marcus let the side down in shorts but the rest of the guys were dressed correctly for the trad skinhead look. I don't know how you define old but I don't consider 28 to 45 as old (the age range of the guys). But yea, I'm old at 47...I suppose
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Ok, I'll bite even though I'm pretty sure that's not why he was excomm-ed: WTF does denying the holocaust have to do with following the Catholic dogma!!?? I certainly don't see why he should be removed from the Catholic teat of beatitude for that, even though it makes him a scumbag. Believing in a lot of the stuff the catholic church embraces often makes one a scumbag anyway, excommunication is to remove those that...
Posting this for no other reason than that I was recently sent it by a friend. Taken at a ska/punk festival in Sweden in 2007. Me & two of our crew (and the feet and legs of 2 others)outside the actual festival area.Me in cap, Fred Perry and Docs. For trad skinhead afficionados note also that the turn-up on my jeans is the traditional, regulation stitched in ½ inch double-turn.
When I was 19 I'd already served 1 year in the RAF Regiment.
Quote: Originally Posted by Magician Someone stepping to my girl. Someone stepping to one of my boys. Someone being a bitch (not a bitch in the sense of havin' a pussy, but a bitch because someone's tryin' to fuck me) "Someone stepping to?" What the hell does that mean? Speak proper English please! And you'd hit someone who's trying to fuck you? What planet are you on? Obviously one where English isn't the first language.
"Ugly, lack of taste, look at me in my ridiculous collar"
WTF are uggs?
Quote: Originally Posted by Johnny_5 The homies pronounce it that way. Really? I've only ever heard rednecks and trailer trash pronounce it like that.
Dear Le Plus Britannique, I live in Sweden and was overjoyed at the long awaited news that smoking was to be prohibited in pubs and restaurants and so on. In fact, Sweden already had a ban on smoking in public buildings, shops etc and in the workplace. And even in certain open air venues, such as outside certain buildings, in some parks, in playgrounds and at railway and bus stations. The only places you can smoke in Sweden are at home or in the street. That...
Quote: Originally Posted by HighSociety Im making $345,000 a year. Purple Label purchasing is like Christmas. You smug rich bastard!
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