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Quote: Originally Posted by bigbjorn Psst - Spirit of 69 - If you can find a leather portfolio that said "Totalförsvarets Pliktverk," I'd be pretty down for that. Or maybe one in M90 camo? SHIT! Seriously, I wish I'd known. I saw one of those last week, but it was in black vinyl not leather. You see Pliktverket is in the same govt building as my agency. I'll keep an eye out & if I come across another one I'll PM you. Shite I wish I'd...
Currently where I work dozens of these in all shades of leather and all qualities of leather are being thrown out in our big move around and agency reorganisation. Every one ism oving to a new office. You see no one over here uses them anymore, it's all laptops. On any given day you could pick 2 or 3 out of the large rubbish containers we had dotted round here for all sorts of office rubbish.
Of those two, the Gevril looks far more formal then the Lacroix. The Lacroix looks like a pilot's or diver's watch with all those dials and is not the sort of watch one should wear with a business suit or in a semi-formal situation. I too prefer the simplicity and easy elegance of the Gevril over the clustered complicated look of the Lacroix, which I personally think looks awful with the black face and 3 dials.
As much as I'd like to add some from Sweden, Ireland and Britain, I'm not really sure of the purpose of the thread, especially with the 2 card restriction per country. I say this becasue of the 2 photos showing the ice hotel in the very north of Sweden, which is far from typical for Sweden.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason I have a English/EU passport, I've thought often about going and living in the Mediterranean areas of Spain or coastal Italy. It's very attractive... Correction, you have a UK (British & N. Ireland) Passport. There is no such thing as an English passport, just as there is no such thing as English citizenship.
Stockholm - becasue I live in Sweden, have done since 96. And am fluent in Swedish. However, I live 4 hours (by car) from our nation's capital. And as a Londoner I do miss the big city life occasionally. But I get to Stockholm regualry with work and for gigs, so I get a taste now and again.
Only encountered him on one thread, recently. Only understood about half of his awful English, but quickly formed the impression that he was rather self-obsessed, quite boring, and very arrogant!
I've not yet in 47 years felt the need to look like a sleazeball low life!
I owned 3 fake Tags years ago. And compared them against real ones, and so knowing what to look for I'd put money on that one being real. However, they're a bit naff! Like someone else said, why pay so much for a quartz/battery watch? Get something "real" instead in the same price range. Some of the Seiko and Certina automatics look wonderful. Or even an Oris or Jacques Lemans. To name my favourite brands in and just above that price range.
Quote: Originally Posted by tony19 Welp It's official....You've ruined the thread.... Good! It needed ruining!
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