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Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 ^while i think your measurements are quite normal, you m,ay find some detractors here. whatever you do, don't join sufu. Yea cheers, I know, there seem to be some real undernourished beanpoles hanging around these parts, must be the Calissa Flockhart fanclub or something. Either that or they're all devout clothes horses. BTW mate, what's SUFU?
Well I just remembered the name of the shaving oil, and it wasn't a Robert omsebody it was a David somebody, namely David Somerset. Somerset's shaving oil. Amazing stuff. I used it for much of the 90s. The only problem pre-internet was finding shops that carried it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas sometimes 'good enough' is good enough. I have maybe 30 different shave creams and soaps from an effort to find what works best for me. Why? Why 30? Why not content yourself with just 5 or 10? In my experience of 30 years of wet shaving they're all much of a muchness, so whether you try 10 or a 100, you'll still be looking for something better. The only thing that I found that was any different & gave...
Hi idfnl, I avoid matching them at all costs, both in pattern and colour. Matched PS and tie looks like you've just walked out of the Tie Rack having purchased a budget set. There is no aesthetic reason to match them. And every style reason not to! For example, my navy PS with white polka dots looks wonderful with my solid gold tie. And my maroon PS with white diamonds looks fantastic with my blue & green regimental tie.
I hate it when Americans can't spell ketchup
I am normal, 6' and 220lbs. I am muscular and well proportioned, nowhere near fat. 36" waist. 46" chest And I agree there seem to be a lot of really slim chaps on fashion forums in general, talking about their 30 inch waists and 40 inch chests.....Jesus, eat some meat and grow up!
Quote: Originally Posted by CharlieAngel Can you still rock the Fred Perry with shoulder length hippie hair? NO! Get a haircut ya fecking hippy By the way, I'm a big guy. Not at all skinny. Not fat or anything, just built! 6' and 220 lbs.
I never use them. Because like all cosmetics and skin care products, they have a long-term detrimental effect, i.e. the skin gets used to them and ends up needing them. I wash my face in hot water, no soap. I have lovely spot-free, normal skin, not dry and not oily. I've now also gone over to a battery razor and find that it is much kinder to the skin. So no more shaving cream either. I stopped used aftershave and E de C several years ago. Obviously shower and...
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