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For "chunkier" ditch the blazer and wear a tweed jacket instead. Works well with jeans.
Quote: Originally Posted by andyliu52 i just call those boots Exactly. It seems that quite a few of you here need to discover what type of shoes, (material, design, sole, overall look) the shoe term "Oxford" actually applies to. Some of you readily accepted that the photo in the OP was an Oxford!
Quote: Originally Posted by gabby11303 Can anybody suggest a low top oxford in black that is not dressy and would look good with jeans and a flannel, chambray or just a hoodie: If you seriously think those are Oxfords you have a lot to learn about shoes. And my God, who laced those?
Look no further than a pair of Dr. Marten's Gibsons, without the steel toecap but with the yellow welt stitching, classic street look and ultra-comfortable. Model No. 1461z. I've worn a pair of these on and off for over 10 years, they seem to be indestructible. Also they come up to an almost patent leather shine when and if you need them to.
Referring to the initial post of this thread and the brown clown boots, sorry, but they really do look like something Ronald McDonald might wear. And all PS footwear is way overpriced anyway just for the name. The quality doesn't match the asking price on PS footwear. So paying that kind of money to look like a clown isn't for me.
Views on Puma's Mongolian B-B-Q anyone? I like the idea, the only thing I don't like about the available tools and palette is the lack of a range of strong solid colours.
Well the Fab Four used to wear them with light grey or black suits, as well as with jeans. It's a self-confidence thing mate. to be brutally honest, if you feel like a twat wearing them, then you'll probably look like a twat wearing them. Sorry, but that's how it is with clothing really. If you don't feel comfortable in something then you won't look ditto!
Seems to me that calling a DB jacket that happens to have a hood a hoodie is a real stretch of definitions. It's a hooded jacket. A hoodie is a hooded sweatshirt or tracksuit top not a jacket!
Like Chrono said, a few years now. I spotted some new ones in a Stockholm shop for the first time about 2 years ago. They seem to use a lighter clothweight than the originals though.
Neither, buy something more comfortable, better looking and with a bit more street cred, in other words get something from Rudolf D or from the Gola Classics range. Rudolf D Gola
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