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Mornington Crescent.....I win!
No Lafont I'm still not with you on this. A rugby shirt is a rugby shirt, you possibly wear a jumper or jacket on top of it, I've done so in the past, but then again that was in England, where rugby shirts are worn properly But please don't wear another collared shirt or even a t-shirt underneath it. At most a breathable sports-thermal like runners wear if you're looking for extra warmth.
Quote: Originally Posted by why You're 17. You don't 'go out'. I get bored not being around people too (there, now we have the Kumbaya). I was gonna say this thread is a waste again but then MetroStyles showed up and saved it. Boooooring!!! And I don't really think anyone's interested
Under it? Why would you want to wear anything under it?
Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac you got some ugly old man cords on, Oh is that what they are. I just thought they were ugly odd coloured jeans.
Black shoes + blue denim = butt ugly. Like someone else said, they'd probably look reasonably okay if they weren't black. Formal, semi-formal shoes or brougues in black never look good with jeans in my opinion. Iin my opinion, it's one of the cardinal clothing sins to wear black shoes with blue denim or with chinos or any light coloured trousers. (I know guys, we've had that discussion a thousand times, and there are always those who think black shoes look okay...
Quote: Originally Posted by ken that's what they all say. You said they look "goofy." If you think they look "goofy," then you don't have the confidence to wear them. If you don't have the confidence to wear them, then you can't pull them off. If you have the confidence to look like a salsa dancer, then more power to you. EXACTLY!
Quote: Originally Posted by Alextuf90122 I think most of it is attributed to the fact that I place little value on what others think of how I look, etc. Well piss off then!!! Why are you then on here asking us what you should wear them if, A) you don't care what we think anyway and B) you reckon you have the confidence to wear them. If that is the case it shouldn't matter to you what you wear them with. So my conclusion is that you're...
As gorgeous as that is, and I'd love one, I'd hestitate to call it a peacoat, for the following "traditional" reasons, being the bit of the clothing definitions purist that I am. 1. It is grey rather than navy or black 2. It has 8 rather than 6 buttons 3. Its pockets, while correctly vertical are too high and are zipped 4. The cuff adjusters (peacoats traditionally don't have cuff adjusters) Otherwise, yes, a beautiful peacoat
THESE are Oxfords. http://www.jamesandjames.com/pictures/loake/lk200.jpg Defining features to note, that are common to all Oxfords 1. First and most obviously, the fully enclosed lacing section, i.e. the stitching across the bottom. In other words different to wing tips,Derbies etc. This is also the most important feature, without the encolosed lacing it would cease to be an Oxford 2. No heel cap or decorative stitching on the heel section. 3. No collar...
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