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Because it was missed on the other holy trinity thread a few days ago I'm doing it here now. In two categories 1. Running shoes 2. Street Running shoes Like someone else mentioned on that other thread, Brooks are most definitely number one for running shoes. They are acknowledged by the running community worldwide as being foremost in the science and development of the running shoe. NB: I'm not talking about track shoes here. 1. Brooks 2. Adidas 3....
Ugly car, ugly sho..boo...slip...footwear!
Q: How did the American style of no socks with loafers evolve?
What you need is what we were wearing back in the day with our cropped hair, Crombies, tonic suits and Ben Sherman shirts, namely, a pair of oxblood Bass Weejun penny loafers. http://www.barrieshoes.com/bass/imag...y_n731_pic.jpg Nothing else will do!
You punch one in the face while wearing a knuckle duster then pick them up off the pavement and run away with them.....shouting back as you make your get away "Thanks Keanu!"
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast So bad, I couldn't resist getting it. Will be wonderfully tacky in summer with a blue shirt and a cream suit. Anyone got a worse one? I doubt it, but prove me wrong! Oh you mean the surfer tie. I thought you meant the awful green one in your avatar!
Quote: Originally Posted by Gradstudent78 Medically overweight usually means a BMI >= 25 and obese means BMI >= 30. Correct, but the problem with BMI as any doctor will tell you is that it only measures the volume of muscle, bone, fluids in the body regardless of body type or size, other than height.
Several people on here don't seem to be aware of the difference between the subjective word "fat" (visibly overweight,considered as such by a beholder ) and the objective word "overweight" (not visibly fat but could lose a few pounds for medical reasons anyway etc.)
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 superfuture.com. the members here make the people here look downright obese. Cheers! Until I joined this forum I had no idea that men were also victims of the fashion industry and associated self-inflicted eating disorders in order to fit into "mens" fashion items made in women's sizes!
Quote: Originally Posted by tolo 30 inch waist is way too much for a 6' guy. You are fecking joking right?
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