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A great film, thanks to Rutger Hauer. Any other villain & I don't think it would have been such a great film because lets face it HF was as always just HF.
What about Wranglers?
I asked before but still haven't had a satisfactory answer. What the heck is an iGent? Thanks
However, neither of the two chaps in the B & W photo in the OP are wearing Bermuda shorts IMO. Bermuda shorts (British military & police definition anyway) should, just like a kilt, reach the middle of the kneecap and be loose fitting. The light pair in that photo are far too short even accounting for riding up when sitting down and the dark pair are so tight as to look like cyclng shorts. Of the 3 chaps in the colour photo only the chap in the checked jacket and...
Get a boxer instead.
hhhmmm... that photo looks staged to me. Bonhams trying to create Patina and provenance if you ask me.
Films I've seen loads of times, never get tired of watching, and make it a regular event to watch (maybe once a year) The Quiet Man Rocky Horror Picture Show The Blues Brothers Nightmare before Christmas Clint's spaghetti westerns Diamonds Are Forever (best ever Bond film IMO) All 6 Star Wars films All the Indiana Jones films Rutger Hauer's five best films: The Hitcher Blade Runner Wanted Dead or Alive Split Second Legend of the Holy...
For a beginner/non-smoker I would definitely advise you to steer clear of Cubans. I find even the mildest Cubans quite strong. I read up on the subject in articles and books by experts before I started smoking cigars about 10years ago and the knowledge I gleaned from those experts directed me to start on Dominican Republic and Honduran cigars - some very nice mellow yet aromatic cigars coming out of those two countries. Since then I have smoked many various Cubans and...
Quote: Originally Posted by scnupe7 I hate hearing people say New Year's. As in "What are you doing for New Year's?" or "Happy New Year's". Isn't it New Year's Eve and New Year? Me too! Though I always assumed it was a standard, albeit particularly loathsome, American English turn of phrase to say New Year's. Are you saying that it is also wrong to say it in the US?
I mostly hate filler words, for example, bascially. And words that don't mean anything, for example, special. In fact "special" is one of my pet peeves. Take for example the name "Special street crimes unit....Ok, that must mean there is also a unit for street crimes that isn't special. (I say this from the double prespective of being a translator and an editor) Others: Actually Cunt Especial Prioritizing And many more... later!
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