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Quote: Originally Posted by matadorpoeta i just met a beautiful girl, beautiful like a model, she was all over me, i was all over her, and i let it slip away becuase she was black. i mean black (not half black or part black, black.), jesus christ i fucked up. i've never felt so guilty. The fact that you found her beautiful and got into it with her, then turned her down simply because she was black, and that you did probably did so due to...
Quote: Originally Posted by blackplatano I agree. However, I don't know how much you have read this forum, but while I doubt there are a lot of trailer trash WASPs, I know there no "brother's from the hood" in this thread. Thanks, I simply wrote it like that, stating the extremes that I would assume probalby aren't so much in evidence here and hoping they were to blame ... so as not to offend the sensibilities of what I suspect are the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara That is really gross. Why would you bring a bird to the vet? A cat or dog I could understand, but a bird? Gross? Why do you consider it gross? Measured against what? I think hunting is gross!
Why are they called fuck me boots?
1, Sean Bean as Sharpe 2, Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes 3, Ken Stott as John Rebus (Ian Rankin's Edinburgh detective)
Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 Mine delicate Catholic sensitivities have seen enough in here, Note to self, learn not to click through threads containing keywords Pope, Catholic, Papist, Nun, so on and so forth.. Drill into mind by twisting barbed wire wrapped around thigh tighter whilst reading said keywords aloud to self.. I agree, and even as a secular humanist of many years stanidng I am still offended for the religion I was born...
Quote: Originally Posted by Reggs This was taken before I moved away from TN. I hit a bird with my car, picked it up while it was injured and took it to a vet. The bird died on the way, so I put it in a box and forgot about it for 2 weeks when the stench reminded me. I called a friend and we decided to give it an authentic viking funeral. The bird is under the white death shroud. How cool is that! Excellent! The dove rests with the gods!
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas This thread is very, very strange. Correct and such was my intention. Post any old or recently rediscovered photo of yourself.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart but is it selvedge denim? If you look at the illustrations in Jim Ferguson's section of Nick Knight's book, the illustrator really pays close attention to detail, even rendering the selvedge seam on the .5" turnup since Levis of that era would have all been redlines Selvedge, selvedge? We're working class blokes wearing no name jeans, or Wranglers or 501s, selvedge don't come into it!
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