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A definite NAY! In Sweden, the only people who wear them are nurses on duty and other people in indoor "walking about jobs". I've never seen anyone in Sweden wearing them as street shoes. Sandals are just plain ugly.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara That is really gross. Why would you bring a bird to the vet? A cat or dog I could understand, but a bird? Gross? Why do you consider it gross? Measured against what? I think hunting is gross!
1, Sean Bean as Sharpe 2, Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes 3, Ken Stott as John Rebus (Ian Rankin's Edinburgh detective)
Quote: Originally Posted by Reggs This was taken before I moved away from TN. I hit a bird with my car, picked it up while it was injured and took it to a vet. The bird died on the way, so I put it in a box and forgot about it for 2 weeks when the stench reminded me. I called a friend and we decided to give it an authentic viking funeral. The bird is under the white death shroud. How cool is that! Excellent! The dove rests with the gods!
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas This thread is very, very strange. Correct and such was my intention. Post any old or recently rediscovered photo of yourself.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart but is it selvedge denim? If you look at the illustrations in Jim Ferguson's section of Nick Knight's book, the illustrator really pays close attention to detail, even rendering the selvedge seam on the .5" turnup since Levis of that era would have all been redlines Selvedge, selvedge? We're working class blokes wearing no name jeans, or Wranglers or 501s, selvedge don't come into it!
Quote: Originally Posted by lynchpatrickj Looks like a bunch of old white guys in everyday clothes to me. Admittedly Christer and Marcus let the side down in shorts but the rest of the guys were dressed correctly for the trad skinhead look. I don't know how you define old but I don't consider 28 to 45 as old (the age range of the guys). But yea, I'm old at 47...I suppose
Posting this for no other reason than that I was recently sent it by a friend. Taken at a ska/punk festival in Sweden in 2007. Me & two of our crew (and the feet and legs of 2 others)outside the actual festival area.Me in cap, Fred Perry and Docs. For trad skinhead afficionados note also that the turn-up on my jeans is the traditional, regulation stitched in ½ inch double-turn.
When I was 19 I'd already served 1 year in the RAF Regiment.
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