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A definite NAY! In Sweden, the only people who wear them are nurses on duty and other people in indoor "walking about jobs". I've never seen anyone in Sweden wearing them as street shoes. Sandals are just plain ugly.
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T and 2..... Yawn!
Quote: Originally Posted by Spilotro Easy with the venom there, pal. I was only pitching my two cents to the subject, and not directly addressing his post here. Now, what was that about missing points? What venom? If you're saying "you're missing the point" is considered venom on US forums, then what do you consider people that SHOUT and swear on discussion forums? I said "you're missing the point" in the same way that I would say it to...
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T there's 1..... this is great Oh, aren't you the scarey cyber bully! ...pathetic
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T ahh the tough n00b syndrome how long should I give him? You sad person!
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T they have a lot of black chicks on the outskirts of small Swedish towns? You idiot! We're not talking about me! BTW I'm a Londoner. And yes there are plenty of black women in my town, you don't think I stay at home all the time do you? For the record Sweden is proud of having the highest percentage of migrants per capita than any other EU country! If you haven't got anything worth saying then just STFU!
Quote: Originally Posted by Spilotro While I am generally not attracted to black girls, I would never write one off because of race. Furthermore, I have seen some incredibly beautiful black girls that I am very attracted to, and they seem to have great personalities too. Don't fret it though, honestly. It all comes down to preference, and in my opinion, we are all entitled to be picky when it comes to choosing partners, be it for a relationship or...
Quote: Originally Posted by matadorpoeta i just rejected a girl because of her race. i feel like shit. And so you bloody well should. Don't come round here looking for sympathy. The only positive thing coming out of all this is that the girl escaped hooking up with a racist, who would only ever a see her as a black woman not just a woman.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gherkins No time for self pity. You are not attracted to black women. Well that's not correcti is it.Becasue he clearly was attracted to her. He called her beautiful and said he was all over her. That makes him racist.
Quote: Originally Posted by matadorpoeta live and learn. jesus christ!!! God forgive me for being stupid. But that's the point, you weren't being stupid, you were being truly racist. Thing is it was probably in you and you didn't even know it. That's true xenophobia, you need to get that fixed!
New Posts  All Forums: