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Never was implying it was a good choiceAlbolene on deck?Is the purpose/philosophy of cutting weight for body building the same as fighting? Essentially act as a proxy for 'equalizing' the competition and providing a 'fair' competition?LA Guy you fight?How come you think the MMA weight classes are too wide apart? I feel like the boxing divisions are a bit ridiculous.
most people refer to the suiting wool MA-1 when discussing it.There is the charly special leather MA-1 though.
I have. most of 'em probably received their wallets by now and are just done with the spreadsheet.
seriously. waiting on a july order and seeing all these flight jackets go out is a pain
received small wallet today. would have assumed it woulda been shipped with a leather MA-1 (July '13) that I have yet to receive. edit: the wallet was sent on the 21.
July 2013 Charly Special x Small Wallet. Almost....?
I'm so close... I'm so close..... i had the same order a week later
july leather ma-1 not sent yet.
I'm wondering how much shipping is outpacing any ability to send shipping confirmations. All this talk has me antsy
man, I was on the fence about a 48/50 varsity and tentatively ordered a 50 waiting for my first jacket to come in. ah well.
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