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yesss. slept on these last year and my size is gone
the chesterfield, peacoat and gore MA-1 for sure.
Drew did repeatedly hint about ToJ 2.0 just before and after oreder cutoffs
augh. work hours
I've been pinging drew ever since he asked us to re-send e-mails to 'refresh' his Gmail 'database'. I didn't change my shipping address from then, but I presume he searches e-mails you provide in the spreadsheet and uses the most up to date address you've provided.
My shipment was basically the same as overtones (to Canada too, lol) Some super quick pics. This is a goat. and looks shiny in the lighting I had it under. I guess he ended up using glazed? Not quite sure, as I don't know how shiny glazed goat is and although I requested unglazed with Charly, I forgot to mention it in the spreadsheet
I was one of the MA-1 guys who was in that very first spreadsheet shipment. Just chiming in to say I've received my order. I'm waiting on another jacket though
My order was one of the two that was updated to 'prep'd for shipping' on the spreadsheet. Tracking e-mailed directly to me.
received tracking today.
Looks like there's greater trasparency that's being maintained so far for those on the spreadsheet. Looks like there are lots/batches based on jacket types that are in production. Comments about order to be shipped and zipper issues are continuing
New Posts  All Forums: