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seriously. waiting on a july order and seeing all these flight jackets go out is a pain
received small wallet today. would have assumed it woulda been shipped with a leather MA-1 (July '13) that I have yet to receive. edit: the wallet was sent on the 21.
July 2013 Charly Special x Small Wallet. Almost....?
I'm so close... I'm so close..... i had the same order a week later
july leather ma-1 not sent yet.
I'm wondering how much shipping is outpacing any ability to send shipping confirmations. All this talk has me antsy
man, I was on the fence about a 48/50 varsity and tentatively ordered a 50 waiting for my first jacket to come in. ah well.
Another wallet Instagram post
One person has posted confirmation about that so far.
Well, there's only been one report of shipping confirmation. I ordered a small wallet and haven't received one yet. It could still conceivably be 4 or 5x the wait time.
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