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I went in to ask Novelty about a quote and didn't go back either. They used to get a fair bit of coverage about their services. For all I know, they are still the craftsmen they used to be made out to be, but I didn't get a good impression based on that interaction.I've had some work done at Sole Survivor and didn't walk away incredibly impressed. At least not for anything particularly expensive or with their attention to detailAll I'm looking to get done is some recessed...
looking for the same, actually
July leather MA-1 here that hasn't been delivered.Although there were a handful in the pics drew posted.
I think it was the first wave of tracking. It'd be useful for those receiving jackets to indicate if they received tracking before hand
I bumped a July...20ish 2013 leather ma-1 order as well.
what was the July 13 order?
Thanks for the updates from customers (and hopefully continued updates from Drew)
I sent my e-mail earlier this morning. With this flood of activity, I think it'd be appreciated if other customers would update on any updates Drew gives personally by e-mail.
Definitely looks like at least one of my jackets is there.a lot of this speculation and LA Guy's reasoning always seemed on point. But it's hard to understand .... human behaviour sometimes (laziness, burnout, depression, whatever) -- not that that's an excuse or anything
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