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Waiting on a July leather MA-1. The only ones that have (reports of) gone out are wool
Charly special July 2013.I would have thought so, but the post at that time made it seem like the batches that were going out would be significantly bigger in size. Even if I ignored that, it didn't seem to line up in my head. but, whatever.
From the last update...So the Wool MA-1s are going out. What else have people received? ..... I'm deadlast in the A2/CWU cycle.
it does seem like the only way to get progress is raise a stink and get the pitchforks out every few months.
and no activity on drew's instagram for 11 weeks
ordered a goat one in. July 2013. still waiting
I just get a generic nginx page.
Never was implying it was a good choiceAlbolene on deck?Is the purpose/philosophy of cutting weight for body building the same as fighting? Essentially act as a proxy for 'equalizing' the competition and providing a 'fair' competition?LA Guy you fight?How come you think the MMA weight classes are too wide apart? I feel like the boxing divisions are a bit ridiculous.
most people refer to the suiting wool MA-1 when discussing it.There is the charly special leather MA-1 though.
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