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what was the July 13 order?
Thanks for the updates from customers (and hopefully continued updates from Drew)
I sent my e-mail earlier this morning. With this flood of activity, I think it'd be appreciated if other customers would update on any updates Drew gives personally by e-mail.
Definitely looks like at least one of my jackets is there.a lot of this speculation and LA Guy's reasoning always seemed on point. But it's hard to understand .... human behaviour sometimes (laziness, burnout, depression, whatever) -- not that that's an excuse or anything
didn't help that my current emial wasn't associated with my account.....
god damnit. thanks for letting me know. I'm an idiot and wasn't checking.can't believe that turn of events.... ah well. Looking forward to the unlikely possibility a waxed service boot is made in the next round.
jeeze. absolute beasts. I gotta keep up with this thread for when those fat's come...
Waiting on a July leather MA-1. The only ones that have (reports of) gone out are wool
Charly special July 2013.I would have thought so, but the post at that time made it seem like the batches that were going out would be significantly bigger in size. Even if I ignored that, it didn't seem to line up in my head. but, whatever.
From the last update...So the Wool MA-1s are going out. What else have people received? ..... I'm deadlast in the A2/CWU cycle.
New Posts  All Forums: