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I'm wondering how much shipping is outpacing any ability to send shipping confirmations. All this talk has me antsy
man, I was on the fence about a 48/50 varsity and tentatively ordered a 50 waiting for my first jacket to come in. ah well.
Another wallet Instagram post
One person has posted confirmation about that so far.
Well, there's only been one report of shipping confirmation. I ordered a small wallet and haven't received one yet. It could still conceivably be 4 or 5x the wait time.
So I'll probably get my jacket while I'm out east and stopping through Korea. how fitting
Pretty much. I'm pretty sure I'll be okay with everything, but I'm second guessing the damn shoulder mesaurements, and I ordered in July, right where orders would be right about now...also updated the spreadsheet. I imagine there will be a hell of a lot more July and August orders....
has anyone directly picked up their order in South Korea?
everytime I see fitpics and measurement discussions I get anxiety over the shoulder measurements I ended up with. In charly I trust.
It launched on the US site yesterday and Canada site today. I walked into a Canadian store and those John Elliott pieces flew off at open and by the time I got there, anyone strolling into the store was asking for them. I only saw two pairs of the En Noir pants.Allocation was funny, there were apparently a tonne of those Red Field Jackets, but only 20 Villain hoodies.
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