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Everyone's discount varies (either 20%, 25%, 30%, or 40% - a rather stupid promotion, IMO), and it's only valid on sale/clearance items found here.With the following exclusions:My discount code was 30%. I won't be using it, so if anyone wants it, just PM me.
At the risk of further filling this thread with discussion re: customs, I do have a quick question that I was hoping someone here might be able to shed some light on: I ordered something from Slam Jam Socialism for ~$987 (shipped to the US), and just received a notification from DHL that I have to pay duties to the tune of ~$110. I know that orders under $800 are exempt from duties, so this logically led me to conclude that anything above $800 would be assessed duties...
Huh?On June 23rd, 1 gbp = 1.50 usd. In other words, goods priced in GBP are now roughly 14% cheaper for US consumers than they were on 6/23.http://www.xe.com/currencycharts/?from=GBP&to=USD&view=1M
Do you remember which brands had embargos?(Specifically interested in Nikelab, Thom Browne, and CDG Play)
Guys, can we PLEASE not have another 2-page discussion on this shit?I don't mind the occasional digression on this sort of thing, but it's really gotten to be a bit much over the last several weeks.
That's weird, the item description for those CPs at The Hip Store states that "– Orders made outside of the EU will not be charged VAT" - but I went all the way through to the last step of the checkout process and at no point was the VAT subtracted. Perhaps the VAT isn't included in the 150 GBP price?
If you went with standard shipping, there was a disclaimer at checkout stating that it may take an extra 1-2 days to process sale items (or something to that effect).The way to bypass that extra processing time was to select overnight shipping (I did that and received my items today )
...sorry, I couldn't resist
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