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How slim are we talking with the Band? And what's the fabric breakdown on the APC? (what % cashmere, and what other fabric(s)?) Thanks!
Ralph Lauren:
(and FYI - I think they meant 29 NOV, not dec:)
Thanks for that. Stocked up on some pomade + candles
It's been on my list for ~a year now. Finally copped one the other day, in the exact shade of brown that I wanted, for around $775: http://lerayonfrais.fr/6696/maison-martin-margiela-leather-bag.jpgIrrationally excited for it to arrive.
Can you provide any more photos? Can't really glean much from the one that's there. Thanks!
Ugh. If this were a Sz 1, I'd be all over it. Had wanted this coat when it was in stores, but slept on it. Was seriously regretting that decision this past season.
What condition is this in (Has it been worn at all? If so, how often?)
What size is this on the BoO scale? (i.e. 1-5)
From the photos, it appears as though there is no lining. Is that correct?
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