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Well-intentioned parents who end up making their troubled kids even worse by spoiling them or catering to them?I have a friend whose son decided he didn't want to continue going to school after he failed to make the football team. Stayed at home instead playing Call of Duty- all day and all night. Maybe I was missing something but apparently they would try to get him to stop playing so much but would never consider just plain shutting him down and forcing him back to...
Thanks. I noticed that there is always someone commenting on how the former defendants are going to make out with a large settlement or something ... but in reality, I think it's a lot harder to sue than most people realize.
It's a question that I've always wondered about ... what if one were charged with a crime where the charges were later dismissed with prejudice? And, in the interim, in order to pay legal bills etc., one had to basically liquidate their assets and life savings... would they simply just need to get on with their lives and "be thankful" they were no longer incarcerated, or would they be swamped with offers from lawyers offering to represent them in a civil damages suit? Or,...
You're referring to John White; he actually did serve time until his sentence was commuted by the Governor:http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704278404576038063871355214.html
About a month and a half ago, I was killing some time in a DVD/game rental store in the outskirts of Tokyo when I noticed they had an adjoining vintage clothing shop. Spotted a leather jacket that at first I thought must have been synthetic leather since it was priced so low. Y2900 or $36.50. Other jackets included vintage (brand-name) motorcycle jackets like Harley-Davidson ranging from Y16,000 (if it was really damaged) to Y60,000. After doing a triple-check, I bought...
Thanks for all the great advice! Not sure why but I was asked to wear a white dress shirt. Will ask if a light blue shirt is okay. Otherwise a dark navy suit with a subtle window-check. Haven't figured out which tie to go with but leaning toward a dark-ish blue one with low-key patterns. Or, would a light blue one (with a white dress shirt) work too?
I'm going in for a video session and they've only given me very vague information at best to wear "business clothes". When pressed, they added a preference for a "white dress shirt". For anyone who has worked in film or TV, do you have any more specific advice? I'm already leaning toward a darker (navy or charcoal grey) suit.
Apparently it was released a week ago. Some pretty good scenes including a real deal Godfather (oyabun). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5f6vxamBkL4
I guess I'm going to get them done stateside. Resole America works okay for me but it was much less hassle with an APO address... A friend lives in Azabu Juban and indicated Spica did a great job on his shoes. And, the second one, Union Works, is a top-end joint that has been in business for over 20 years. Probably someone on this board has had direct experience with them.
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