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I agree on EBay seller Frieschskys -- fantastic selection of Oxxford and Stefano Ricci (St. Andrews-made) at great prices. Last year I bought a perfect, classic gray size 46R Oxxford "Radcliffe" suit from this seller for under $600 (he was having a special 5% off sale, which brought down the price a little below his usual low prices).
$345 is absurd but I'm sure the cotton is butter-soft. I don't have any Hermes t's but I've got a drawer full of ordinary t's (hanes, beefy-T, etc.) as well as some Paul Stuart t's and the Paul Stuarts are just so much more confortable, so much softer. No ostentatious or silly logos or labels either.
I've had Fields in DC narrow the shoulders on jackets for me. They do a great job.
I have always used the same brush for all shoes. No streaking issues that I recall and one brush takes up alot less space than 2 or 3 or 4....
Machine wash regular cycle, along with other clothes. No apparent ill-effects. I hang-dry all socks except my crappiest white athletic socks. If my wool socks end up going through the dryer by accident, they invariably shrink (some to the point of being unwearable or nearly-so). I suppose if socks have 25% nylon/poly blend (like alot of Pantherellas) they may not shrink, but after a few washes, I don't recall which of my socks are 100% wool and which are a wool/nylon...
That is odd that they wouldn't be able to recraft them for you. How old are your shoes? Are they country shoes -- I think the only 201's I've seen (in photos) have been double-soled country shoes. Perhaps this is part of EG's way to save on costs. It's also odd and annoying that it took them such a roundabout way of telling you they couldn't do it -- you'd think re-crafting emails should be answered by a knowledgeable person. By the way, after seeing the great job...
My vote goes to... the chap who argued relentlessly that CLEAR metal collar stays are best.
Give your kids a rainbow array of watercolor paints and have them paint the white fringe. Now that would be cool. Or, take the jacket to a great tailor and ask them to dye the fringe - either the same color as the rest or perhaps a slightly different color.
Heavy handed use of shoe trees can also cause stitching to rip out. If that's not the case, I can't see how even poor-fitting Aldens should have this problem and I'd return them.
I have considered getting an "E" AMG a couple of times over the years but have never pulled the trigger, must as I loved the car, because (1) no 4MATIC available, and (2) back seat in the E was surprisingly small (I needed space for kids/carseats) though the new E series probably has a larger back seat.
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