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can you order a 257 without the strap handle?
IMO TOJ0 reissue would be the best, that jacket cannot be improved. I don't like zips, or camo, or reversibility.
Selling toj backpack, Wish it didn't have to be this way.
For Sale: TOJ backpack (discontinued) in olive. Purchased 2 years ago, strap began to fray after a few months, returned to Drew and co. for a repair, repair job was excellent and is not noticeable at all, currently in excellent condition, the decorative suede pulls on the zips need to be glued back together (simple fix). Never gets used, never been out in the rain. Asking $225 USD, plus shipping and paypal fees. Would trade for NWT olive filson 256. PM with...
wow, it's seems to have more of a matte finish, and also to be more textured than many of the other lamb jackets, no? It's very nice either way what kind of leather is this? doesn't look like lamb or calf to me....
Has anyone seen the IWC mark XVII yet? I know a lot of people preferred the XV over the XVI, but the XVII is by far the worst.
Can anyone comment on the difference in temperature ranges for the peacoat with and without the quilted lining?
Can you ship them to Canada?
if you had nothing shorter than a pitching wedge, and could only afford one wedge, what lofted wedge would you get. if you had nothing between a 3 wood and a 3 iron would you get a 5 wood or a hybrid (what degree)? just curious.
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