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Does anyone know which brand are this from the tag that shows or style of boot? Sorry for the poor picture, or if this topic is in the wrong place
Does anyone know what these are?
Does anyone know which denim jacket this is and where I can purchase it from? I have no idea with brands etc so can't tell just by looking at it. I have searched for denim jacket with hood but all the jackets are a lighter blue etc. Any help appreciated.. thanks
I'm selling a nice jack and jones jacket should anyone be interest.. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/160778165981
Thats why I need help
I'm looking for a warm fashionable jacket/coat but not much idea of what I want this time around. I like the look of these two but this is all I've found that I like really. http://www.veestore.com/product/a173704bk.asp http://www.hardcloud.com/product/30500024bk.asp
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