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I agree, go in to the theatre without very little knowledge of the movie or you will figure it out in no time. Scorsese really wavered off of his uual course with this movie. Great cinematography and I thought the cast was pretty fitting.
Kimbo being beat by a fat fuck. that's currently an issue in my head.
Slim, why did you hate the saving private ryan ending? I thought it fit the script. It was cliche... yes, but what was supposed to happen? was the tank supposed to turn in to a transformer? My top two favorite endings were Smoking Aces and Road to Perdition. I have to agree that the ending to departed was lame... so much killing at the end of the movie... it was like a domino effect.
What are your top 5 favorite movie endings?
July 17th- Friday night. We'll have dinner at Jon's restaurant "giovanni venti cinque" say 7 pm? Here's some information on it... great feedback so far: Let's finalize this because I want to meet everyone and actually do something a little more mature than the young-lifestyle I have.
Um, so the date is set and the venue is set. who is set to go? i only had one person pm me.
shqipe nonsense.
Hari Krishna, I dont understand what you are asking. This is a friendly meet-up. If you are a tourist but want to come, be my guest.
pm me your numbers or emails guys and I will get some contact info. so we can at least keep in touch prior to the event. anyone want to make the reservation or should I handle that as well? I need a final head count... so far I have about 6 people which is fine, but lets push for 8 so it looks more like a gathering.
kunk and mauro= 17th?
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