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Black - Skinny Morrissey Tie - had it for a year and wore it once.. cannot recall how much it cost.. Fabric - 100% Silk Am looking for $40.00.. willing to negotiate
Herringbone Sydney - Size Small (OTR) - purchased same time as above suit - price i believe was $190.00. LOVE the shirt, however i totally dislike French Cuff Shirts - Am looking for $90-100.. willing to negotiate
Herringbone Sydney Navy Suit - purchased for $800.00 three months ago... worn twice to work.. Fine Merino Super 110s Size Jacket - 36 Size Pants - 30 SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Apologies for the picture quality - will try and get clearer images..
Hi all - welcome to my sale !! Upon signing my life away (building a house) and going through my expense list over the past few months, I noticed that my wardrobe is filled with great items which I never use and as a regular on this forum, I wanted to let you guys be the first to have a look before I place it on Ebay. So have a look around, see what you like, try it on at the stores and score yourself a massive discount.. As I'm just clearing my wardrobe all...
Hey Guys Anyone had a chance to check this store out ? Thanks
Hey Guys Thanks for all the info.. really appreciate it.. I've booked an appointment with Sam Disano and Charles Nakhle this weekend, so let's hope it goes well.. Once again Aussies come through for the needy ...
I think I'm afraid to go to an experienced tailor as I love Herringbone's style and don't know if they can emulate the look.. I also need a person who can put together a whole outfit, so I'm not just buying a suit... and looking at what Ethan has done with PG - that's just perfect.. Ohh well.. what's with Scabal offering "Made-to-Measure" ?!?
Update - just came back from Herringbone stores @ Circular Quay + QVB and unfortunately the suits remaining were not great.. Had a chat with them regarding the state of Herringbone and they confirmed that we should be hearing something within the next month regarding a possible take-over.. There will be further stock coming in March, however the made-to-measure shirts will be unavailable until they hear from new owners.. Now i am back to sqaure 1..
Quote: Originally Posted by Journeyman A good tailor can do almost anything to a suit, including bringing in the shoulders (a little) and sides, taking up or letting down the sleeves, taking out excess cloth in the back or even letting a suit out a little bit. Of course, all of the above must be done within reason - there's no point in getting a sz 38 suit and trying to have it cut down to a sz 36, for example, as it will simply lead to a lot of expensive...
Just called Herringbone and received good news ... new stock in next month and bespoke shirting should be back by April.. I am soo happy.. I was close to throwing in the cash with Zegna, but thanks to youse, i will hold-out with Herringbone and have a chat with them this week.. Love this forum..
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