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Note that anyone in the Sydney Australia area can have a free look before purchasing.. (as i do with all my items). All the best.!
No worries - thanks for having a look anyway.
Hi Guys, for the guys awaiting pictures of the shoes and belt - see below.. thanks for the interest..!
Just letting you guys know that my pair of Allen Edmond Strands (walnut) + matching belt is up for sale.. SIZE 8.5 D. Let me know if interested. That'll be my only sales-pitch!. Regards
For the guys interested - price drop max will be $215.00 for both items.
item purchased - thanks "Michael Sy"
Hi Guys, selling two month old shoes + matching belt. Purchased on holidays in Orlando, though live out in Sydney Australia. Size = 8.5 D Belt = size 32 (altered from original size of 34). Let me know if you have any questions - pics to go on shortly, but pretty much as new except for the sole obviously. Online Pictures :
Hi Guys, bout to get started this week in placing a few items for sale on here - but just gauge the interest, any one like: - pair of Allen Edmond Walnut Strands (size 9) including matching belt - two months old, purchased while in Orlando. - Pair of Crockett & Jones Shoe Trees - 4 Shirts & Pants - P Johnson - am a size small standard size. - One Shirt from "the cloakroom" Hopefully i can get...
Thanks for the feedback Michael - and thank goodness that our measurements matched up well -If anyone is interested in PJOHNSON Cotton pants with no loop holes (black, navy, blue, khaki) - my waist size is 31and/or size Small PJohnson shirts (denim blue, black and white check, standard Ice Blue, White, Blue and White striped).. hit me up..And yes, Myers change-rooms was a good place to sell.. haha
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