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Is there boot out there like the Alden Indy boot that I should check out but doesn't cost $400-$450? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by mrbig The jacket should completely cover your backside. Aside from that, you should be able to cup your hands under the sides of the jacket; but a word of warning: do what looks best, not what the rules dictate. Some people look better with a slightly shorter jacket, or slightly longer depending on build and height; but I've given you the general guide. Thanks a lot!
When wearing a suit, how far down your backside should the bottom of the jacket hit? Is there a general rule of thumb?
I've been having a little trouble finding an answer to this question. I have a couple merino wool sweaters that have come apart, not at the seems, but little "rip" holes in the shoulder area from putting the sweaters on. Can these kinds of rips be fixed? Or does one just have to suck it up and get rid of the thing? Thanks in advance for your help.
I still wear an an old Stussy No. 5 t-shirt that I bought my junior year of high school--18 years ago. Still fits, though the "black" shirt looks a little green-grey nowadays.
I stopped in yesterday and the store, while still coming together, is so rad. Slim-fit RRLs? Sick! Nudie Bengt? Awesome! The Louis Vuitton chairs? So amazing. And don't get me started on the RRL ruck sack...
Question for the group: When I dry pants, and the occasional pair of jeans, they come out with these monster deep creases that are hell to iron out. Any ideas how to combat that? Mostly I dry the pants to get them to fit better, but the Grand Canyon-like wrinkles are killing me. Any advice? Thanks...
Thanks for all your answers. Better fitting shirts and fabric experimentation it is.
Help...I am at a loss on this one. I own several dress shirts I wear to work. Nothing too expensive, mostly department store house brands, generally around $40-50 dollars. My problem is, none of them stay looking good throughout the day. After I take my jacket off a coupleof times, the shirts look like I wrestled a bear in them. Now my boss, he wears a jacket all day long and when he takes his jacket off, his shirts still look pressed, or at least still decent. Is...
It was Live and learn.
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