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Sometimes, I get the sense that you really dislike many of your fellow Canadians and some of the policies they have enacted (turned into law).
Why do you have four bikes?
MY friend who is my age just got fired for what is, I believe, the seventh time in her life. I am not even kidding. She has not had a professional-level job for 12 months.
Scratch that. Banana pudding and chocolate malt.
My man in Hampsterdam... I've decided next time I will do an Oreo/Heath Toffee mashup. OH GOOD GOD IT WILL BE GLORIOUS!Heartburn at night is the worst fucking feeling in the world. I had heartburn a few years ago (get it maybe once a year) and I was at a hotel... nothing in the mini bar... nothing in the hotel... my ass walked to the 7-11 like 3/4 blocks away at 3 in the morning. I was in PJs and this hot-as-fuck, drunk-as-shit woman got in the elevator as I was getting...
I am incredibly angry with Cookout. 1) That it took me nearly 30 years to become acquainted with said restaurant. 2) That an outpost of Cookout opened within walking distance of Casa de la Edina. 3) That this week of all weeks is when I had my first taste of Cookout. 4) That last night's peach cobbler milkshake has been on my mind ever since.
Have you been able to answer this question? Because a human with rationality can. A cyborg, on the other hand...
Its worth mentioning that conne lives at home.
Our best defensive performance was against Clayumpson!
Even at an "OK" MBA program you can still at least see a 30% pay increase. A place like UGA (...ugh...) has an AVERAGE post-graduation salary of $85,000.I could go on and on proving your "exceptions" are more the norm than you think and that "going into debt" for an MBA and numerous other graduate degree programs is a wise strategy.
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