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So Georgia State will have more FBS-level wins than Georgia Tech.... but more FCS-level losses.
lol. A bbq place in Atlanta is ending its status as a Florida bar because Florida fans are awful. https://www.facebook.com/matt.coggin/posts/10205136092587231
wtf was that shit last night?
yeah but that's also in Chevy Chase, so...
Oh, yeah, meant to mention those... they are all Christmas-themed and I didn't even waste a pod to try any. Palermo is sold out but I was told it is essentially a more intense version of Milano. Never got a chance to try Palermo. Milano is almost sold out!I mentioned the Malabar Monsoon and the sales rep (Frenchie) got all sad, dipped his head and went "yes, that was a very successful one."BRING BACK THE MALABAR!
just fwiw if you like milky drinks then do the former. I have a lower-end machine (i think it's the most basic) and for my three-or-so cups a week it works without any hitches. I would imagine the bigger machines are quicker and might have marginal improvements on texture etc but I wouldn't know.That said... wow, that Milano is good. It's supposed to be a ristretto but as a full espresso it's wonderful. Really well balanced and flavorful, just gets under the line for too...
:roma:The Pats talk is pretty evenly split here between they won't win and they're pretty good. Sorry people want to talk about what's been the best team of the past 15 years.
@nerdykarim's dream girl. https://twitter.com/RedditCFB/status/668070878928896000
The sec is legitimately bad. Florida shouldn't be ranked.
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