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What do uga and gsu have in common? Neither played football on Saturday. (We had a bye). Also fwiw richt did not leave a particularly good pantry/cupboard when he left. Still... kirby is not buy himself much time. This is a pretty bad year for the sec and tech so hes gotta do some damage i would think.
Does anyone have experience with any of the Nespresso alternatives? I have some from the Ethical Coffee company that are thoroughly middle of the road. Had some when I was somewhere overseas that was so acrid and foul no cream or sugar could mask the awfulness...
What about the time when you wandered slack-jawed around their locker room?
Calling it now: jacoby will be a stud
Well your face is ugly. I can see why people would like it, FWIW. It's just a... distinctive profile.
This aftertaste is awful, bleh.
Sorry you miss your Beard.
Hoo boy. The Cafezinho do Brasil is just not good. I've found that Brazilian coffee (or at least coffee in Brazil) has this harsh, medicinal/chemical taste to it and the Cafezinho just accentuates those flavors. There's a little nuttiness at the beginning and end but the crescendo is the bad flavor. Thank goodness I only have one capsule.
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