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This poast count talk makes me wonder IS there a record for speed In poSting? It Seems as If Someone would have posted thousands upon thousands of meanIngless posts In Some effort to win IfriendS.
Funny story I was gonna give you shit for your high poast count but realized i needed to check minez first... yeah. Bad idea on both ends.
GODDAMMIT I HAVE NEARLY 25000 POSTS ON AN INTERNET SITE DEDICATED TO MEN'S FASHION THAT HAS BEEN DEAD FOR YEARS. And I don't know if it is better or worse that no more than 100 of said posts were actually about clothing.
Better be safe an give her the ole "Greek Helmet" while we're at it.
Also, I just received an SMS. Apparently, Piob's pool dramz was from this time last year. Here's footage of him using his pool from Sunday.
well technically, everything is dying right at birth. Our whole existence is one long death.
Summer is going to end in four weeks.
#Im14AndThisIsDeepshh no trs bb.
Has anyone had Lapi Kowak
Revelator is good good stuff. Also is Octane, Chrome Yellow, Condessa, and a few other spots. Are you OTP or ITP?How are you related to Revelator?
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