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Im putting port in my mouth, losers
yeah i really don't buy the taxes are and infringement on liberty... until over half your money goes to the state. I remember someone in Denmark telling me that the equivalent of 3 days work pays for parking. Yeah so glad you have that health care.
so i just got in trouble for one of the websites I write for for sending too many emails to our internal chat line. Its slightly embarassing but also amusing that I am always a gross over-sender of emails. It doesn't help that I get 200-300 emails a day for work so its hard for me to go "ok I am sending a lot of email."
Just saw a post on FB that pointed out a Germany vs. Argentina World Cup turns this into the Popes Cup.
Restive and raze are two of the better ones.
Yeah well I been subsidizing your mom wi' di' di'.
Yall remember that snow storm that choked Atlanta? It only cost $53 million. http://politics.blog.ajc.com/2014/07/10/cleanup-estimate-for-snowjam-and-its-sequel-tops-53m/?ecmp=ajc_social_twitter_2014_politicalinsider_sfp
If your name ain't BHOWIE then: 1) I ain't wishing you a happy birthday 2) you ain't shit and 3) you ain't one of SF's three most culturally-relevant posters.
Thank you to our intrepid correspondent.
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