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Wow I see the super mature brigade wasted no time really unleashing themselves upon me.
It looks like my vanity is taking me down the dark and wonderful rabbit hole of skincare
Giving further credence to this theory: I'm still not where I want or need to be
There is a womman dressed very whorishly in this delta lounge. The african couple next to me was judging the shit out of her. Yes i have pics maybe I will post (depends how much drunker i done get)
is there a pinot noir that is basically not alcoholic grape juice
Dude is shouting on his phone forever. Hasn't figured out that my four stink eyes thrown at him is code to stop shouting. Fuck
im listening to three oil rig workers talk about "that transgender people in the bathrooms stuff"
Last year I went to the airport from work and had a kitchen knife in my bag that i was going to drop off at home before I got to Harsfield. I forgot. TSA didn't scan it. Made it through. Was such a great letter I wrote to TSA asking them WTF.I mean, I know that's the joke but there wouldn't be lines. Israeli airports catch folks before they even get to the airport and have no lines.
I'm at the airport 9 hours early. Yay
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