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I think first games are always a crap shoot... that said ive expressed extreme skepticism that bama is a top 5 team they're certainly not better than auburn. I do think fsu has the best team their success will depend on coaching. There is something to be said for being relaxed and not having any pressure. Noles were not relaxed at all and i think they were their worst enemy for the game. Anyway they have a test game against citadel to work out their kinks so let's see...
Mgm make gazpacho al hoy and babaghanouj for the making of sexy time. Ask me and manton for courtship advice
well with an attitude like that i'm just going to have to revoke my man crush.
Are those bespoke, Japanese raw-denim dad jeans?
There was fee for that, too!
Yeah, but I needed a ticket for that night.
lol.Or when ticketmaster charges a $5 fee per ticket to get an email of your pass.Nice, sonick. Glad you're mature.
Correct in that it does not. The main stadium is used for track and field/ceremonies.
I was merely relaying the words of the founder of the Olympics. Also, pop quiz time! There are three stadiums that were used as the main venue for an Olympics and are now college football stadiums. They are: Francis Field (STL), the Coliseum and what is the third? (Should GSU get the Turner Field property that will be four).
I got some blood on my my shorts I bought over the summer. Ain't coming out. Oh well. At least our summers are so short (mere minutes long) that I won't get as much utility from them as our Northern SFers.
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