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I want beer but I have a few more hours of work left.
Candy Land!
There's fucking kiwis in the goddamn star wars Eu. There's literally no worse accent than kiwi
Also am drunk
Link don't lie you watch Ron hunter and the gsu men's team victory overy Baylor more than I do. And I watch that ish weekly.
SHE'S GETTING A DATE WITH NEO V7? wait, just cliked your spoiler.
You should be drunk and high at the same time sippin champagne on tha airplane.Really a fun experience. Oughta write a singsong about that.
The worst part about Atlanta's loss in the Superb Owl is that Atlantans are so universally synonymous with success that my reputation/image is ruined.
Netflix informed me that the clone wars will be removed on March 1....
Well we don't even have a boutique in Atlanta...Anyone want to proxy me some of those?
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