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Who would have thought it figures?
And not sleep with the interviewer's wife. Or at least wait a couple days before telling him/her.
And practice basic grooming.
Think about what I would do--then do the opposite. You'll be fine.
Also unlike a normal job, there's a ridiculously strong union that is full-throatedly backing him and using him as the face of negotiations for the rest of the league. He's not going to compromise the rest of the NFLPA by turning over anything.
If anyone wants to give Tom grief for not turning over his phone, would you willingly hand over your private phone to your employer?
See at least if people are like yeah didn't read I'm like OK. But for christ, only one group looked at the Wells Report analytically and objectively and it looks worse for the Colts than the Pats. But hey, #BradyKnew.
I wonder how many times I can post this with it being ignored.Well, there's no evidence and you don't care for my opinion so:
Which is all you've done. There's been a clear indication from everyone that the NFL has no evidence on anything. But yeah, we should trust your assumptions.
Let me list literally all the evidence the NFL has for all aspects of Deflategate:
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