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The Atlanta 10-miler and Atlanta Half Marathon.I did 9.2 miles yesterday in solid 8-minute-a-mile pace and 7.5 miles on M/T. My longest before Monday was a 10k--I'm kinda stoked at how I'm progressing.
I signed up for a 10-miler and a half-marathon yesterday. And I'm excited about them. What am I turning into?
That's true but for a while there was on In Stance where it was impossible to just scroll past hIS comments.
It's an extension from your GRINDR app.
You make a compelling argument and I was unable to watch myself poast so... who knows?
1) I think "The Comedy" from the Modern Jazz Quartet is very underrated as an album. 2) Just ate like half a bag of Garden Salsa Sun Chips. Worth it.
Not sure if posting as L'Incandescent the man or L'Incandescent the character.
Here's the homepage for our pick 'em group. http://games.espn.go.com/college-football-pickem/2015/en/group?groupID=40663 The password is "Go Panthers" and the name of the group is SF
So I went from sex god to life god?
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