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I swear to christ I fucking hate my life rn
I leave work and there's a dead fucking rat on the sidewalk.
I know of at least one. His name is Sam.
Did he buy it at a store or trap it? What's the Eagle's name?
Athena Blue Paradise Pen's red ink Iroshizuku Shin-Ryoku Diamine Pizzazz (meh) Some private-label brown ink from a Tokyo pen shop (the name escapes me). Looking to add a green I actually like or an orange to my rotation.
I like to watch the Tour in our conference room. I just got kicked out on the day the race will be decided when there's already been like four crashes.
Goddamit white fucking liberals. A real convo from a friend: "I was walking home late-ish and there were 3 older teens breaking bottles over cars. I thought about calling the cops but they were black. And i literally had to think 'is breaking a bottle over a car worth a potential death sentence?' And then kept walking"
in all eventse i have no am driving on accoin of working frm home. but im tired. so i sleep.
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