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Correct but I am trying to go for a charcoal for now.
Well I'm not happy with my propane. It doesn't put off enough heat from the burners and stuff takes forever to cook. So I'm looking to go with a charcoal grill because I would also like to smoke things. Which means I might just do a a Weber kettle but I am also thinking about this grill with an offset-smoker. I figure it would likely be the most versatile This electric smoker I guess would be OK but fairly limiting. If it's not a good smoker I would definitely pass...
Looking for advice on grill choices. Anyone want to help a brother out?
Actually its your prose that does it.Had to do a double-take when I saw that this was not a Linkseadoesit post.
That's different from a wife at home how, exactly?
protestant thus impossible
This is going to cause a tremendous amount of strife on the fora (forvm) and I apologize in advance but I am firmly firmly coming to the belief that Tomas Luis de Victoria was the best composer of Baroque sacred music.
YOU TAKE THAT BACK RIGHT FUCKING NOW! THE GODS AND SCIENCES ALL AGREE WITH ME!!!!Maybe it was the first 1-7 times you've used it, it was aight.
Ristrettos are quite nice, actually. Ordered some Malabar Monsoons off eBay when I saw they were no longer for sale through the site. For about how long will the limited editions be for sale, usually? Are the Peru Secretos good?
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