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Is that a (backup) fullback-to-fullback pass for a TD? Why yes. Yes it is.
Does anyone have Kona, Crealto or Margoagype pods they would be willing to sell?
I'm having a pourover of the Stumptown Pacamara Grand Cru. This is a really stunning cup of coffee. I don't know the descriptors for flavors but regardless of what tehy are, there's a lot of them. Is it worth $45 a box? Yeah, I don't know. But a one-time $6 cup doesn't seem outrageous--yes I know the math on that is way whack but whatever.
Trieste as a ristretto, Malabar Monsoon, those were excellent. Roma and Kazar are good when you are super tired in the AM and need something super bracing.
Refs cost the Falcons although Matty Ice coulda run it for a large chunk of the yardage on that last 3-10 (if not for the first down). Oh well.
I got a sleeve of the new Fortissio Lungo since @patrickBOOTH mentioned they had incorporated the Malabar Monsoon into the blend. There is some of the Malabar profile in this but I guess I just don't like lungo/Americanos because the flavor is aqueous well before anything hits your mouth. I'll try it as an espresso tomorrow. #TheWorldAwaits
I finished Lenin's Tomb. There was six-year constant in my life: that I'd never finish it and... well, I did. However I am going to re-read a few of the reports because they were on interesting things that I've forgotten. Started the Kon-Tiki Expedition. Have a few holds at the library but they are way down on the list.
Are there really any places where coffee could grow where it isn't being grown on a commercial level now? Australia?
No one in the state of Georgia wants to play football this year.
http://www.wsj.com/articles/the-most-dangerous-cup-of-coffee-in-the-world-1476453922 Copy and paste the headline into google then follow the top WSJ link if you have trouble accessing the story.
New Posts  All Forums: