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One wonders how many leave voters changed their minds when reading of trumps endorsement. Anyway time to dump money into the markets!
what happened to your fiancee?
I had a really good chat about a job opportunity today and I was thinking they might have an offer or something for me. BUT I HAVE TO WAIT EVEN LONGER (but they are on the cusp of deciding at least, so you know... that's good and etc).
Oh, wait, no... Shit. MODS PLEASE DELETE!
Yeah, that's what you thinkg.
We have a new guy who is starting with us and he will report to me. That's good but holy shit this dude is so much smarter than me. No idea how I'm going to lead him or give him advice or anything. Oy.
Sorry Piob. It seems like you have a lot of close relationships so this one probably stings.Unlike LD, I'll actually buy a round for you and your buddy. Just send me the bill.
Easy. It ends when the discussion is no longer about the individual player.(This is not a knock against you or anyone else, so that's my preface)Sports fans tend to get caught up in narratives and it's so much easier to look at a team and go well this fits in with something much larger than an individual cog. A good analogy would be if, say, Toyota designed the world's best chassis that made their cars do whatever so much better than anything else. But they still had...
As of tomorrow there is less and less summer.
Im curious how people will remember the 73 wins. If they had lost to OKC it definitely would have been a footnote.You know I am a LeBron homer but...None of these arguments are reflections of LeBron qua individual player. They are a reflection of the Bulls as a team and the rest of the league as a whole. And I don't know about you but when I want to evaluate a player, I choose to, you know, evaluate them as individual players not as a team.Meh. What's Jerry West's playoff...
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