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Cookout is legit. Willy's is so much better than Moe's and Chipotle...except the chips are too thin. But Chipotle charges for them shits.
I don't want to sound like an asshole but...what hte hell is this?
I remember a few years ago I went to Moe's in a very tony part of Atlanta (buckhead for those of you familiar with it...if you aren't they are aspiring to be like Beverly Hills).Anyway, there were these middle-school kids in a band who were performing. There were three strikes against them:They were in middle school (at best)They had sheet music and lyrics out for everyone in the bandThey were covering "Comfortably Numb"Nothing is as awkward as hearing rich, likely...
Live shot of Ata reading this threak:
Good read from the Wall Street Journal. Copy/paste the headline into google and click the top link for free WSJ stories. Netflix: The Monster That’s Eating Hollywood The streaming-video service is hogging talent and pushing up prices, spurring pushback from rival TV producers who once saw it as a partner; 70 new titles this year Tara Flynn, a rising star at a TV production unit of 21st Century Fox, walked into her boss’s office last August and told him she was quitting...
Last saturday I think it was, the Wall Street Journal had a story on how there's new evidence about how the murder may have actually gone down with a newly-discovered letter from one of the murderers. I am probably messing up a few details but it was interesting.Also relevant:Historic home featured in movie "Matewan" vandalizedThe Associated PressLINKEDINGOOGLE+PINTERESTREDDITPRINTORDER REPRINT OF THIS STORYTHURMOND, W.VA.Authorities are investigating a break-in at a...
Zoho is down. That's our entire office productivity suite gone.
Speaking of shitty pizza. We ordered Papa John's today and it was late. The guy called me: "I don't know what happened but I got on the sixth floor. Now I need to go figure out how to get to the fourth floor."
Can you believe how unbelievable A New Hope was? I mean, they had a woman leading a rebellion force! Come on... get real. Next they'll tell us a centuries-old arthritic lizard is the strongest warrior in the galaxy.
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