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16 minutes and 27 seconds of possession got GSU 33 points and 405 yards. 1) Remind me why we even bother to (try and) run the ball? 2) Remind me why Jesse Minter has a job? This defense is exponentially better than last year's and yet we can't stop a bug with a windshield. It was so bad I'm not sure why Liberty didn't go for 2 every time--I doubt we'd have stopped half the conversions.
i mean you could also be not surprised to lose homecoming to am fcs team
"Yup, raht up there is where Ah lahk to go deer huntin. Cain't use but a bow 'cause we're in the city--got the primitive huntin' rules."(That's what mine said).
Also in my defense for my upsets, by an large I've lost those mainly because of a coach's non-existent time management or blown/imaginary calls.
I mean, picking between, say, Uconn and Pitt... I do have a guy in one league who is at 92%.Yeah if it's going to be as sloppy as it seems it might--I dunno who I give the edge to anymore.
Im glad to see the alabama knobslobbing will continue unabated.
YEah it was last week or week before where they were running out a big group of freshman. But anyway, I like my heuristics on which team is better so their stats don't really matter.
You're way overthinking this...
I feel like if UGA can't win against four freshman playing in the middle of Alabama's defense at home... well I don't know at all.
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