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As per the title, a brand new pair of John Lofgren engineers in Badalassi cognac, size 12. Looking for 850 USD which includes shipping from Japan. Paypal accepted. These are currently retailing for about 1000 USD, so this a great deal, for someone. As indicated by the pics below, these have simply stunning evo potential.
Hey guys, about how warm is the cameraman jacket? Think it would get me through a Tokyo winter with a shirt and sweater on underneath? This is the one I'm looking at. http://a2.ocimage.us/pimg/10327_1-Cameraman_Nvy.jpg
Worse thing about spice suede is that it continually reminds me of a certain girl band. I'm with Mschapiro on this. The spice looks nice. But it wouldn't get as much wear from me. I need a chukka in the beige to brown range. Noix looks great. I could also be into snuff.
We're working with Gentleman's Footwear on the MTO. Don't have a price yet. But have a look at their site to get an idea of the cost. http://www.gentlemensfootwear.com/collections/frontpage I'm thinking it would be under $550. Will post what I find out. C'mon aboard. Let's get this order in and the boots on our feet.
Awesome. UK11 for me then. Now to get three more.
Can we count you in? We have three for an MTO going for a noix suede 3 eyelet chukka on Soller (#80176).Looking for at least three more members to climb aboard.
Yes, indeed. This will be a great makeup. Now we just need some more people right? We have three, do we then need three more? Any sizing advice one Soller vs. Alden? If I'm a 11.5 in Barrie and TB (12TTS), safe to go UK11 on Soller?
Steve, who is the third? I count Kashiwa and Mschapiro. Are you jumping on board too?
I'm not sure if Hanoiboy was referring to my post above? I'm not into loden. Definitely would have to be noix, snuff or sand. Not totally opposed to crepe. Just heard that Carmina may not be willing to do the 905 on Soller or Forest, so how about the 80179 instead? As below (soller last) but in Noix suede?
Hi Steve, thanks for the info! From what I've seen, they have done the 905 on Rain and Simpson (pretty similar chiseled lasts, I think). Sounds like they are not willing to do the 905 on wider, rounder Soller or Forest. I think the model you posted is the 80176, no? Pretty sure this is the 10025, no? I like the 80176 a lot. I think that could work. And I think MSchapiro would be happy with the three eyelet as well. FWIW, I also like the booted cousin of the 10025,...
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